attention needed

i would just like to bring this site to attention around here, not sure if this is the correct forum, but this site is one of the top sites around for all computer hardware and media … the DVD+R RIDATA discs ive purchased, both 4x and 8x have worked very well with the liteon 812S burner … my whole computer has been rebuilt with pieces of hardware from this site only … just thought i would pass the word

ps - FREE SHIPPING! plus they are great with RMA’s and customer feedback … a site i recommend to everybody

Oh ya!
I buy a stack of 50 RIDATA 4X DVD-R 4.7GB, Model DRD-474-RDCB50 disks from them every few weeks. Haven’t had a single coaster in months. Great deal at $27.99.

Also bought my reader and burner there… Couldn’t live without them!

I’m sure most US members already know about newegg. Been doing business w/ them since… 2000.

alright well ive only been here about a day or so now, and i hadnt seen much about this site and so i thought i would just try to spread the word because you really cant go wrong by using this site

anyone know what the deal is with

just want to add my “2sense” in here as well: i just finished building a P4 3.0Ghz 512K RAM 50GB HD / Intel MB with SATA RAID… and in addition to them having the VERY best prices around, ALL of the items i ordered were at my door (in NJ) in less than a week… they really are a VERY good business!!!

I have probably spent close to $1500 dollars at newegg in the last year. They are just as good as everybody says. They even gave me a full refund on a item marked non refundable.

I was actually turned on to newegg by this site some months back. There name pops up in the forums again and again. Before them I had bought the bulk of my toys from Tigerdirect (they suck btw). Newegg is my new best friend…:slight_smile: