Newegg: 500gb 7200.10 Seagate 149.99 FS/Free SATA Cont

Need more DASD?

OEM so it may come in an envelope that the UPS driver played baseball with.

Is this a good deal or should I hold out for a Fry’s sale? I don’t really need the controller

$.030/gig for a 500 GB Seagate is, in my honest opinion, about as good as it’s gonna get for awhile. The controler, well, that’s a nice bonus, but I have no idea how good that particular controler is. If you really don’t want it though, I’ll pay the shipping and you can send it on over here for me to play with! :smiley:


I was just thinking that I might find it cheaper without the controller but the way Newegg is I suppose I better jump on it before there is no free shipping or
the price goes up.
Thanks, budzos

Just FYI. If you order this, you will get either free shipping or the free SATA controller, because the Egg charges shipping for the controller.

Thanks, I just noticed that when I put it in my cart. I thing I might just get the 320gig version for$89.99 and free shipping to save a few bucks instead.

That’s what I just ordered.

My last 4 HDs have been from outpost. Newegg was just a tad too high on drives. I always wait for a sale at outpost.

25 cents per GB

No Thanks, I’ll take a Seagate over a Western Digital any day. But still a good value if you a WD fan.

Now The price is $189.99 for those who waited to long, without free shipping.

Why is that ?

I’ve only had excellent experience with WD HDDs from my oldest 8GB drive till my newest 1 month old 500GB SE16 SATA II drive :slight_smile:

I have used Seagate drives in my computers and when building other peoples
computers without a hitch for a while. I guess its just what I’m comfortable with
and the 5 year warrantee is a nice thing as well. I’m sure that if I have been using WD drives I would feel the same about them if they gave me the same results. The only WD drive I had died on me but it was a pull from a friends computer and it would be unfair of me to rip on them because of that since I have no idea how it was used or abused.

Interesting news fro CD FREAKS front page.

Samsung begins shipping of hybrid hard disks
Despite substantial price cuts with flash memory quite regularly, the cost is still far too high to develop hard disks of similar capacity to traditional magnetic storage based hard disks. Windows Vista has aimed to offer an interim work around with its ReadyDrive software where it can make use of flash memory for faster boot up and resume from standby times, while making use of hard disk storage for less frequently accessed data.

To help make use of Vista’s ReadyDrive software, according to this DigiTimes report, Samsung has developed and begun shipping its MH80 series of hybrid hard disks. These feature 80GB, 120GB of 160GB of magnetic storage capacity and 128 or 256MB of flash memory for ReadyDrive to make use of. Besides up to 50% quicker boot-up & resume, the NAND flash storage helps lower power consumption by 70% to 90% and improves read/write access performance. According to Samsung, the lower power consumption can improve the average laptop battery runtime by around 30 minutes.

As the significantly lower power consumption likely indicates that the hard disk keeps a buffer of frequently read data in its flash to keep the disk spun down most of the time, it will be interesting to see how long the disk takes to spin up each time the user accesses something not in its flash, particularly if they use multiple large software packages or if it would offer any benefit for those who watch a lot of video content from the hard disk. On the other hand, for businesses who regularly spend their time reading & writing e-mail, Word and Excel documents, this will where the benefit will mainly be seen.

Very interesting and pretty smart idea. I guess these must all be 2.5" drives then? I’d sure like to have such a drive in a 3.5" format with a much MUCH larger flash memory as well as larger magnetic disk in my desktop machine. Bootup and shutdown are painfully slow. (Though if I actualy re-boot my machine once a month it’s alot.) Still, as it stands now, I hate installing software that requires a reboot. The shutdown takes forever, and the startup is no fast task either.

JD has the 500gig external for $10 more, if any1 interested, you can remove the inside drive and use it as internal drive, if not, the enclusure, power adapter and USB cable worth more than $10