Newegg 48 hour sale on 2tb hard drive

Thought someone might be interested in this.

Newegg has a limited time sale, going on right now, for a Seagate 2tb 7200rpm hard drive. Normally $100, it is $79.99 with this sale code:

I seem to remember buying my Samsung 2tb for about this price before the floods hit Thailand.

Thanks Kerry56, and good timing for me.

Last week, they had their 4Tb DMs at $109 (previous low was $135?), now 2Tb at the lowest retail price we’ve seen. Seagate is now delivering a 4Tb NAS-rated drive ijn the $190 range, too. That’s some serious movement.

Now we need to get those Pb drives out there! (As long as they speed up Windows by 50%.)

Screw windows, I’m hoping for a better Linux build that instant boots. So much talk about instant booting o/s bios and another 4 years has gone by with very little industry adoption of the technology. I’d be happy to see 5tb drive come down the retail chain by November… I’ll suggest a very competitive $249 price (3y/w)tag - $289 w/ 5 year warranty.

A 5-year warranty will carry at least a $100 premium.

The one thing we lost in the Thailand flooding more than price, was decent quality drives that were backed up by long warranties by default. Now you’re lucky if you can find a drive with a 3-year warranty, let alone 5-years, and if you do, you’re going to PAY for it.