Newegg 20% off blank media 72hr sale



expires 12/02/11 or sooner

use promo code: EMCJJGK38


Hmm I believe I got that code too the other day, but I was reluctant to post it because it states it’s not transferable. I’m curious to see if it’ll work.


its a code for Egg blast subscribers
so if you already have a Newegg account it could work
roll the dice:bigsmile:


I would have if I hadn’t already bought 7 Verb + DL 2.4x 50 pks a few months back on the cheap -_-. The 16x 100pk is $23 atm and the +R DL 50pk 2.4x are $50, both with free shipping. Best non-bluray deals.

There’s also this Verbatim Free Shipping offer on a few of their models. Some have a $15 off Promo Code listed which would be the better code if you plan on buying one 1 item since it doesn’t stack.


Grabbed another pack of the Rosewill BD-R for $20

BD Disc Information:
Disc ID: PHILIP-R04-000
Disc Type: BD-R
Disc Size: 120mm
Disc Class: 0
Disc Version: 1
Number of Layers: 1
Layer Type: Writable
DVD Layer Present: No
CD Layer Present: No
Channel Bit Length: 74.5nm (25GB Per Layer)
Push-Pull Polarity: Positive
Recorded Mark Polarity: HTL
BCA Present: Yes

not as good as the black friday price but they went out of stock and their back now.

thanks for posting the code