NEWEGG 1 Day Sale!

Hi first post, reason for the catchy title :slight_smile: ! I am buying my first DVD Burner and my question is not which one since i think i will be getting the NEC ND-3500A (have read about 3500AG but don’t know where to get it??) which is on sale there. My question is i’ve read that nec owners have a separate reader when reading DVD movies (to extract) like a liteon brand which i currently have and was wondering if my SOHC-5232k is good enough? for a reader that is since I haven’t had any problems with it for playing dvd movies, music,backing up files,creating svcd,vcd, etc. What i plan on doing with this dvd burner is burn movies, events or whatever from my DV camcorder which i wouldn’t need my liteon for but for when i make back ups from my own dvd collection. So these are my needs for this DVD burner i plan on getting just but wondering if the My Liteon is good enough. Don’t care for speed (well not at 2x) when creating a dvd as long as the qualitly is just as good as the original dvd movie.
Thanks in advance and hope to read a response soon:)!

i have used a 48161h and it rips fine. might want to check in the liteon forum for high speed SL ripping firmware to speed that up. check the software forum for transcoding software and you should be set.

so what is new egg selling anyway?

newegg sales the 3500ag but calls it 3500a. dunno what the g stands for. as mine is an ag.

Thanks cnlson for your quick response :)! I’ll check on the high speed SL ripping firmware and also on the software. I am glad that you have done fine with yours and hopefully i will be fine with mines also. I guess i can do a rip of one of my movies and see how it works out. I have some software dvd decrypter so i will try it out. Would this firmware be official or hacked? Ok thanks in advance again!!

Thanks linjy2 I will be getting it then and will mess with the reader part (liteon) later!

Most of the NEC users who have Liteon drives mainly have them because Liteon DVD burners can also do disc quality testing (error rates - PI/PO), which the NEC drives cannot, also for fast ripping as well, although the 3500 can rip up to 16x with hacked firmware.

you forgot alot of nec users have lite on dvd-burners because their liteon’s have decided they ain’t even gonna burn top quality discs to even a reasonable standard anymore when they used to be the best at burning top quality +r’s.

My litey spouts out mcc002 and ritek ro2( datasafe branded ) with read errors. yet in the same batches it has burned them flawlessly as can be done.

The sale at currently has the 3500 for $62.99 (free shipping ) - One Day Sale, Ends 12/28/2004 5:30 PM PST

Good price, I got the black NEC ND-3500AG at $64 with Free shipping about 2 weeks ago and it works pretty well even though my BenQ is still my main burner at this point (If media changes and such, might be swapping back and forth between the two to get the best results…).

That Lite-On Drive, I’m assuming is a combo cd-rw/dvd by the sounds of it, should do great. A lot of people from what I can tell also keep their Lite-On DVD Burners in the computer because they are good cd-burners and great DVD readers so they work in that respect even if they have trouble getting them to burn dvds properly.

Thanks to all who responded :slight_smile: ! Yes my liteon is a combo and it has never given me problems (including encrypted or not cd’s), so hopefully i won’t have problems when ripping a dvd. I will be ordering that NEC today and check on the “hacked” firmware once i receive it. I will read the sticky threads on firmwares for this model and post questions if needed later on!! The only other question i guess left would be the blank media at newegg, but i might just pick RIDATA 4X DVD+R 4.7GB, Model DRD+474-RDCB100, OEM which i see that have gotten many good reviews, unless someone here recommends something else. Thanks in advance!!

Ordered mine today and it feels good!

Ridata is a safe bet for starting out as far as making sure the drive is functioning properly. Once you explore more you might want to go after Maxell, Fuji, Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden brands. I’d recommend staying away from the cheap stuff like Optodisc, AVB, Legacy, etc. I’m using Dupsonic media now (4x DVD-R’s from Newegg) and they seem to be good with both the BenQ DW1620A and NEC ND3500AG… I’m waiting on the 100 of the 8x Dupsonic DVD-R’s now to see what they are and how they do since I’ve been so pleased with playback performance of the 4x DVD-R’s. :slight_smile:

Just remember that Maxell, Fuji, and Verbatim can vary considerably with different media codes. TY will not. Also watch out for Prodisc 8X -R and Ridata 8X +R. Both of these have been troublesome.

Agreed, chas. But, generally speaking, from what I have seen with Fuji, Maxell, and Verbatim at least you get good media codes and are getting good quality discs that most burners can run well on.

What is your take on Prodisc 8X +R’s? I’ve read some iffy reviews on them as well. hehe

I have no experience there as I generally find little use for +R unless they are a bargain. I have seen a few comments on their R03 but not enough to for an opinion. The scans look pretty good. By the way, one of their big problem media codes, F01, has been showing up in Fuji and I saw some evidence of their white top printable loosing big chunks of white, sometimes in the drive.