Newcomer silly question!

I’m using Microsoft Media Player 11.0 as my burning application for music that I’ve written with Make Music Finale software, converting to an audio file and then burning as an MP3 onto disc. It’s O.K. with single tracks, but can’t do multi tracks, which are in fact different voices as layers. is there a quick fix solution? And/or is there some software that really I aught to get to solve this. Thanks already,

I’m not sure what you are trying to do.I haven’t tried WMP 11 for burning multiple .mp3’s but I’ve done it with other CD burning software.But each of those .mp3’s were different songs.
If that’s what you are trying to do.Create a folder on your HD name it what you like ,put the .mp3 files in it.
Put the folder in your CD/DVD burner as a folder unopened.Burn(write) to CD -R disc as a data disc.ISO9660 + Joliet.
The burner I use for this is :BurnAware Home Edition which I got free from giveawayof theday they’ve offered it a couple of times.If you watch for it I’m sure they will give it away again.
A friend of mine has used one of the Nero softwares for this I just don’t remember which one.