Newcomer for burning DVD's + CD's

Hello everyone,

I am Robbie im new to the CD Burning so please dont flame this newbie too much :smiley: I will list everything I am using and go from there.

Computer I use
AMD Athlon XP 2600+ 1gig memory 2 Harddrives 80 + 60gb
RW DVD+R DL DVD+R Double Layer 8.5GB Data / 4 Hours Video / 2,000 Songs
Includes Nero Vision Express 2 and PowerDVD 5

Blank CD’s I Have
Memorex DVD -R 8x 4.7GB 120 min Video

The help Im needing is the basics, I am a complete newbie. I have been reading the forums and im getting the basics down but I can’t find any tutorials on how to start out Copying DVDs or converting movies from a format to another format to burn on a CD. I heard it was possible to burn a movie to a cd-r and watch it on your dvd player.

Any Links to any specific tutorials would be much appreciated I want to try to learn as much as possible about burning and copying DVDS + CD’s. Thank You everyone for taking the time to read this I know its long but im in desperate need of help :frowning:

Hi there…

I can help a little,If you want to convert format into diffrent formats I use a program called “MAINCONCEPT” it dose the job well,But if you want to conver DIVX,AVI,MPEG 1/2 and any other format in DVD vob files I use DIXV2DVD thats a good program too and to burn DVD vob files to DVD -/+ R’s use a program called DVDSANTA all the programs a userfriendly and easy to use…
DVDSHRINK is a good program for backing up DVDs and thats easy and userfriedly…

See how you get on with those

Thank You Danny G,

DVDSHRINK, does it do the complete backup without having to convert and all that? I mean is that what I do to put a blank dvd in my DVD ROM and a blank DVD -/+R’s into my dvd burner and just copy it like that? Im so newbie but im willing to learn. Im just starting out as a baby and very new at this and everytime I read about it I get lost more and more lol

dvd shrink guides are everywhere - even i wrote one [see below ;-)]
for converting, say, avi, mov, mpg files to dvd compliant mpeg2 video files [which you will need to do before you can burn them to dvd and play in dvd player] try either Nerovision Express or TMPGenc Xpress 3.0

Would any of you know a good tutorial for using Nerovision Express for converting the .avi .mpg files into dvd compliant mpeg2 video files? I heard you had to convert them into svcd or something similiar before you could watch them on your dvd player and i heard you could burn them on a CD-R and watch them on your dvd player also.

first of all you wanna be sure your dvd player can play mini-dvd [that is dvd files on a cd instead of dvd files on a dvd], if u wanna make dvds as a cd. for svcd, vcd, dvd-video, just open NVE, the first time you run it go to More/Configure . . set your options. then click Default Video Options, choose PAL or NTSC . . .
then in each video tab i choose High Quality. you choose whatever u want.
then OK. then go hover over Make DVD or CD or whatever. choose one…next screen will apppear with a Wizard-Like dialogue…itz EASY. add files etc . .

kewl thanx alot, here is the dvd player I have i’m hoping that it will play those type of video files.

Model # WF104

Hello G)-(osters

I did what you said on the Nero Vision Express 2, I selected just DVD and then added my movie and it wanted me to make menus and stuff, I added my movie which was in .avi format and it was like 733MB and it showed at the bottom that it was 3 GB big for some reason how can that fit on a regular CD-R it said It would still fit on a DVD-9 or something, please help.

ok, first you need to decide what you want to create. if you prefer a vcd,svcd,mini dvd etc, choose cd from the start screen. chose dvd will reencode your 733mb file to dvd mpg2 which will make 3gb as you saw.

Well I dont care what format it is as long as I can play it on a dvd player like a regular dvd movie :slight_smile: the one I clicked on was the DVD at the top of the list and just went from there its taking 2hrs or so to convert it and burn it whatever its doing :frowning:

2hrs is about right if u added an avi. NVE will need to convert the avi to dvd format then burn it. usually it’s better to save the output to hard drive as then burn the VIDEO_TS to dvd