Newby with six days to decide



am using trial
‘anydvd/ clone dvd2 (sly)’

  • 6 days to end of trial period-

vs dvd shrink / nero 6.0.
(freeware/ oem version of nero.)

no major difference in quality.

still batttling with length of time to burn
but this may be solved via new USB 2.0 pcmcia card tomorrow.

should i save my money and stay only with dvd shrink?,

or splurge (combo deal is $60.00 for anydvd- clonedvd2)
and get anydvd/ clonedvd2? : “just in case?”

newby with 6 days to decide.


Friend, check out my post… I have had nothing but success with the free applications I’ve used…



i agree…i’d opt for free software 9/10 times.

i think the only diff you might want to consider is the time it takes to back up a disc. i believe the anydvd/clonedvd method is a bit faster, but i haven’t taken a stopwatch to either method (nor do i think i will). others have though, so i’d search the forums (in addition to reading Dan’s thread) for threads comparing your two options (there are numerous threads re: this stuff).


Go ahead and drop the 60 bucks for the combo I say. I find it the easiest to use. Hell even my wife can rip a dvd with it lol. Just my opinion though. I guess it comes down to how much money you have. For some 60 is a lot for others not.