Newby using a NEC 3500 ag external

have a notebook, an hp 4230, pent 4, 40 gb hd and 512 ram.
using dvd shrink 3.2

with an internal toshiba sdr2312 to read and the nec 3500 ag to burn/ write.

total processing tiome takes about 2 1/2 hours from start to burn completed.

is this normal for an external?

or is there something i can do to tweak?

or other software to use that will speed my complete dvd rip and burn time?

thanks in advance,


I use an external Freecom DVD+/-RW (actually it is a Toshiba SD-R5272) with a USB 2.0 connection. Software used: AnyDVD/CloneDVD2. Backup of an average size movie from start to end is 17-18 minutes. Media used: Fuji DVD+R 8x (RICOHJPN).

And that is considered to be normal. Though if you use DVDShrink with some options checked providing better quality, the time you indicated can be considered normal.

thanks muchly.

may switch to your software combo after january i.

though the copy and burning time is long the software i use is free.

i do have nero 6. do you thing that could be a good substitute for clonedvd2?





DVDShrink is a very good software. You just have to configure it to your needs and it will have an effect on the time factor. You can read some very useful guides to DVDShrink here:

I think that for making DVD backups the ideal software is CloneDVD2 with AnyDVD as I have indicated. You can try them and compare with other software, you will see the difference with time.

Always use good media, like Taiyo Yuden, Ricoh, Verbatim, etc.

Check the USB Controllers in Windows Device Manager: the external DVD writer will perform best if you have USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller.

Nero is not a substitute to CloneDVD2.

Good luck.

thanks again.

noted about anydvd/ clonedvd2

as mentioned i may try the combo you suggest.

it seems all the dvd shrink ‘complete’ dvd copies i have made
take/ took about 2 1/2 hours.

free has its benefts,
but speed will possiby give a longer life to my computer.

more as this experiment in dvd-ing continues.


loaded anydvd and clonedvd2.

anydvd runs with nero and still takes 2+ hours to copy a complete dvd.

using clonedvd2 for the very first time,
with anydvd,

clonedvd2 is not recognising my nec 3500 dvd rw drive.
is there a setting i need to adjust?


Don’t use the latest version of DVD shrink 3.2xx. For some reason it takes 2hrs and 20 minutes to rip the same movie that DVD shrink 3.17 does in about 13-16 mins on my maddog 16X. (Nec ND-3500ag drive) with the latest firmware hack. With the riplock defeated it will now rip a css protected movie at 7x instead of the 3x it was doing with the oem firmware. I can rip it and burn it on FUJI DVD+R 8x discs at 16x in 20-25 minutes for a 4.4GB movie


It has to recognize it, I guess your problem is that after enabling Anydvd, starting CloneDVD2, you can not see the drive letter corresponding to your burner.

On the picture, under the question mark and “Help” there is a small icon (little arrows in a circle), click on it and you can find the drive letter corresponding to your burner.

thanks will try and see if i can show the nec 3500. burned lat nite with dvd shrink instead…

what i meant is that i have two devices:
an internal toshiba a dvd rom, and an external dvd rw, an nec 3500 ag.

it is the dvd rw, nec that does not seem to be recognised by the clonedvd2. in that i mean i can access files of a movie, to read, but in setting the clonedvd2, i am not given the option to choose the nec dvd rw. please advise.

sorry i was not clear earlier. i am using windows xp home sp2. have a HP notebook with a pentium 4, 512 mb ram…

using the dvd shrink 3.1.7, am taking 2 3/4 hours to copy a complete dvd. fifteen minutes longer than v 3.2.

can you please advise specific settings/ preferences
for all related software:
am using nero 6 as copy portion
and dvd decrypter along with dvd shrink (v 3.1.7).

am at a loss as to why it takes so long,
though i must admit my usb is only a 1.0,
and i will be upgrading to a 2.0 after january 1.

could the usb be the significant culprit?

again using a nec 3500 external, usb, and NO firewire,
with firmware 2.f9.

though i suspect all software preference settings will help immensely.



  1. yes, usb 1.0 is a significant culprit in case of an external burner. upgrade to usb 2.0 as soon as possible and you will see significant improvement.
  2. use dvdshrink and enable burning with nero option.
  3. disable in dvdshrink deep analysis.
  4. be sure dma is on.
  5. To compare the software and the speed factor, please make a try with anydvd/clonedvd2 (


same time frames, about 2 1/2 hours to copy,
for nero/ dvd shrink and anydvd/ dvd clone 2.

will wait till next week when i receive the usb 2.0 pcmcia card.