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Ok, these questions mainly surround one topic in mind. CD Quality and things thereof.

Firstly, how does one determine if a burn was truely successful at X speed? (in example; I have burned 24x cert. media @ 40x)

Secondly, when using ScanDisc of the program CD Speed, when doing the surface scan, I see unreadable sectors. Yet (in this case, back-up copy of Operation Flashpoint) when I install this game, everything installs ok? Are those red blocks part of the 1:1 copying of the protection?

Thirdly, when using the 'CD Quality' check in CD Speed (with this OpFlash CD) it begins the test and gives me an error: "[00:03:38] Read error at 00:11:00 (code 031100)" then it aborts the test. Is this a sign of something wrong or perhaps related to the protection?

Thank you


k, I hope that i get most of this correct. I do not know how to awnser your first question, but for the second one yes, OpFlashpoint is infected with Safedisc2 and atip protection, so when it says unreadable sectors, then that is totally normal because that is what SD2 does. then when doing a quality check, do not use a game, try using a Windows CD or something that does not have a protection on it. It sounds like the CD Quality check errored out because of the bad sectors that SD2 has. I hope this help.


Yes, I think you were right, chalbing. I popped in various other CDs (non-copy protected) and the CD quality thing went ok.

Thanks a bunch.

Still looking for a definite answer to number one, whoever might know. Thanks!


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… Still looking for a definite answer to number one, whoever might know. Thanks!

Try using the new CCD (v4) when backing up your game titles. It shows the exact speed of writing, while writing, which is quite accurate. When using max speed (and not the suggested cd speed) sometimes it goes over the manufacturers limitations (depends on media) in a a safe manner however (game will be playable). I have used this with my P4012A and has worked with several media :wink:

CCD4 also gives you an average figure of the writing speed at the end of the process :cool: