Newbish question on cd media error testing

after reading the FAQ on testing cd media i came up with a question. what image do you test with? Im assuming your all using the same image to burn so you can get the same test results true? reason i ask is i tested a protected backup and of course cdspeed aborted because i have errors on it (intentionally on because of safedisk2 protection). Will any full non protected full image work on the burn test? kprobe doesnt have a problem it seems with errors but i think im seeing intentional errors in my c1/c2 results and not ones caused by the burn not being accurate.

sorry for the dumb questions but im more a software man than a hardware one.

u can burn whatever u want onto the discs, but be sure to burn them in DAO mode and try to fill it up so u can test the entire disc’s surface. an easy way to create a test disc is by using Nero CD/DVD Speed, and going to Run Test > Create Data Disc, which will burn 700mb of data onto a blank cd.

I use Nero Image Recorder to make image files and save those for testing. It’s quick and easy to burn an image in Nero.
Alcohol is also very quick for that.

thanks all!:slight_smile: