Newbie's RMA-ed BenQ 1620 .. help me see if there's anything wrong

Hello people … i just installed my writer which i got back a few days ago … help me see if there’s any prob with the settings …

There’s a Maxell DVD+RW in my 1620 …

Configuration and Aspi tabs are also informative.
So far nothing wrong afaik. Did YOU flash the RPC1 firmware ?

Then burn and post the scans here.

Checking drives ability with 4x (max.) burn speed media won’t tell you much. :wink:

What was the initially promblem for RMA.

The initial problems were my burns. I was getting 0/100 for my burns. I called up BenQ and brought my drive down for a check. They gave me a new one. I flashed to RPC 1 alreadi.

pinto2 : what if i had alreadi used MCSE ? ( anyway i havent )

A lot depends on your media. I know my BenQ does not like RICOHJPNW11 at all so I don’t use it on this drive even though it is very good on other drives.

What media is giving you trouble? Post a scan of this media so we can see where you are getting into trouble. Does the disc play?

Hey chas0039 i’ll post shots of my burns for the previous writer later yeah ? I just finished burning a DVD … my first for this new RMA-ed writer …

Scans of my first burn … pls give some comments pls … i think it is not good …

Looks like a very good burn to me especially for a DVDRW.

Remember PI errors can have a maximum of 280

And PI Failures can have maximum 8 to be within standard, It doesnt matter if PI failures hit higher than 8 in single spikes.

You dont want any PO failures for a good disc.

That is much better than I get with W11. Keep what you have, it is working like a charm. Also, for future referrence, scan with the BenQ at 8X. It is more reliable and considered the standard here.

Here’s my scan with RICOHJPNW11. Yours is better, keep it.

PS1: You can attach multiple images in one post.

PS2: Yes as Quakester2000 said, there’s one more parameter that needs to be consider as a good burn: POF=0, in addition to PIE max=280, Jitter max = 12%, and PIF max = 16 (8ECC).

Quakester2000 : I do not understand this point. Are you referring to the average value under PI Errors ?

Hey zevia what im using with your is the same ! Firmware, W11 … all the same. Thanks a lot for the help … im really grateful. Anyway tt RW cost me $4 today … went down to get it to test my writer …

Issit the same price over at US ?

Hey guys this is my burn before i RMA-ed my writer … check it out man …

Can i learn how to read the CD-DVD scan ? What values muz i look out for ?

Another question … when im able to choose the booktyping … muz i choose Automatic or DVD-ROM for it to be read on a DVD player ? I just placed the RW in my DVD player but it is not able to read. Why ? Supposing i would like to burn all to watchable format on the player should i booktype to DVD-ROM ?