Newbies Nero Problems

I have been burning for a while with Nero & a pack of cd-r’s, and have had no problems. Recently though, I have been getting "SCSI target error - Invalid write state’ when using Video or Super Video CD options on Track at once. If I switch to Disk at once, I get a medium speed error, no matter what recording speed I choose.

I burnt a disc recently, and it is readable, but the session is open and I cannot close the session or the disc, it just stops after 4 seconds. The video cds come up as mode 2/xa, and I don’t have the option to change to mode 1. I seem to be able though to burn a data cd-rw without any problems.

I have tried reinstalling Nero, and the cd drive (Samsung 408B), and have upgraded the firmware, all to no avail. Can anyone help me please??

Thanks to all who reply.

Originally posted by Oz.
If you are using a 9X OS, might also want to try and run an ASPI checker, if you have a 2000/XP system, dont worry about that, unless of course you have used ForceASPI (For no reason at all). [/B]

“For no reason at all”? Is there no reason to have the adaptec ASPI layer in w2k/XP? What is your arguments for not having it?

My reasons why I need it at w2k/XP is:

1: CD-R identifier requires it.
2: Many DVD-ripping programs requires it
3: Some Audio ripping tools/programs also wants it.

So in my opinion there is many cases where the Adaptec ASPI layer may be needed.

btw, just a short tought on the problem:

Have you tried DAO and write at lower speed/tried other CD-R media?

Just a tought anyway…

Thanks for your replies. I have tried writing at all speeds, but with no success. I’m afraid you’ll have to explain DAO for me, as I don’t know what it means! I’m running Win2k, and I think I’ve loaded ASPI drivers, but am not sure. How do I check?

If my drive is indeed on it’s last legs, is there a recommended burner that seems to work best? I still have a few of’s Monkey Media left, out of a100 pack.

Thanks to everyone again.