Newbie's Experience, TV to DVD

I used my Hauppage WinTV-PVR-250 and the WinTV2000 software to capture a four hour TV movie to a 6GB mpeg file on my hard drive. Then I used nanoEdit to remove commercials and split the movie into two parts. I now had three mpeg files, the original 6 GB, a ~2.3 GB Part 1 and a ~2.3 GB Part 2. The I used Ulead DVD Movie Factory 2SE to add titles and burn two DVDs using my Pioneer DVR-108. When I played Part 1, the audio was in sync at the beginning and at least 2 seconds off at the end. A quick check showed that Part 2 had the same audio sync problem. I searched this forum and others for a solution, without much luck. Then I just did some experimenting.

I used Movie Factory 2SE to create DVD files (VIDEO_TS) from Part1. And I used Movie Factory 2SE to create an .iso image from Part1. I used PowerDVD to view the DVD files as a movie, no audio sync problem. And I used a Dameon virtual DVD to play the iso image as a movie, no audio sync problem. I concluded that Movie Factory 2SE was causing the audio sync problem in the burning process.

So, I used ImgBurn to burn the Part1 iso to DVD and the result was a DVD movie with no audio sync problems.

This experience illustrated to me how what seemed like a simple project to get a TV movie on DVD turned out to be a long complicated project.


Yes, this possible, and well done for doing the simple controlled experiment to solve your problem :flower: .

The internal burning engine of DVDMF2 is known to be problematic under some circumstances. From version 3 onwards it was much better, though I and many others very quickly started to use the same process as yours: author the DVD to ISO and then burn that with something reliable.

Yeah, eg. with ImgBurn.