Im new to this All I just want to know somethings to get me started cuz i want to burn cds so i can hear mp3s on my car stereo just to get started can i get some links to wear to find free cd burner downloads thanks....

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Ye you need to go to and download nero burning rom v4 or you can buy it, i did… then all you do is copy all the mp3z to the cd and it works!!! its simple,you will work it out when you get nero…




It’s worth noting that although with Nero it seems like you’re burning MP3s to CD, the program actually converts them back to WAV files first, so you’ll still only get 74-80 mins of music on one disk.

There was an article in Computer Shopper a while ago which showed a prototype of a Car CD MP3 player whereby it would play MP3s straight off of a hard drive in the car itself. I think it was running Linux on a StrongARM processor but I haven’t heard any more about it!

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alright newbies, first of all, isn’t the ONLY place to get cdr software…in fact, the MANUFACTURER’S WEBSITE is always a better place to start!!! also, kingdan, nobody actually buys progs, we just get the s/n from somewhere…(i.e. and for hound, there is a car cd player that can play mp3 cdrs (in mp3 format), and it’s called the mamboX. there are also others showcased at the consumer electronics show in las vegas this week.


With nero i can burn mp3’s into a format which i can play in my stereo,but is it possible to burn mp3’s on the data side of the cd and play it in a MAMBO ???




Is there another side to burn on then?



yes, 74 min aaaaaaaand 650 mb

tha`t’s one cd ooooor 7 or 8 cd’s in one!

How bout the mambox??