I am lost. I am downloading bit torrents, trying to put them on DVD. I do not know where to start, on this site, or on my computer. Any help out there?:sad:


Well, one thing I can tell you is that we cannot help with illegal downloads around here. It is possible to find material released by the author/s and available on bit torrent I suppose, but it has to be a very small portion of what is out there. I know many Linux distros are distributed this way.


there are downloads from torrents that are not illegal…like public domain movies :smiley:


The start to putting anything on ANY disc is to buy decent discs. TY or at least Mitsubushi/Verbatim media. Start buying crap media, and your burnt discs will decay & be unreadable in a few weeks.

Second thing is… imgburn … it’s freeware :slight_smile:


You can use [B]K3b[/B] its free and works well burning onto DVD. The only program I use it to burn all the Distro’s I download from Bit-Torrent :slight_smile:


I am newbie , too .