I am new to cd burning and have just bought a cdrw. Its a HP9510i 12x8x32 and was wondering where i can go to read how and what i need to copy games. I have been downloading and making music cds and would like to try my hand at games. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


#2 would be a good start I’d say.

CloneCD and Nero are my 2 favorite programs for copying anything you need, whether it is music or CD-ROMs.

And of course, this forum. If you have any questions regarding certain programs you can always post them here and hopefully someone has the answer.


if your just looking to copy games just get cloncd


Thanks Da_Taxman and lou dogg for helping me get started. I did my first game and it came out perfect. I still have a lot to learn yet. And i know where i`ll be getting my education, right here. Thanks again.



everybody learns here :wink:


Even those who have been around for ages still learn new things…