I am pretty new to the world of dvd burning. I have been buring dvd’s with a stand alone dvd burner for about 2 yrs. I got a new editing computer with a sony 4x drive. I have been burning dvd’s with my new system for about 6 months. Lately I have a client that has tried 3 dvd players and the disks I burn skip, lock up and display digital artifacts.

I edit with premier pro 1.5,author with encore 1.5 and I am looking for a new dvd burner.

I dont care about price I just want to find the most compatible dvd burner and the most compatible media combination. I have read quite a few reviews from diffferent sites and I have a few burners in mind, but I wanted to hear what you have to say about it.

Please feel free to share your infinate wisdom… I appreciate your help.

the “best” dvd burner doesn’t exist. however, the “best” dvd burner i have owned so far is my sony dw26a/lite-on 1673s. combined with verbatim 8x -R discs

Good burners are BENQ, Plextor, Pioneer, LG, NEC (especially the 3500 or 3520).

The first thing is pick a reliable burner, then you have to try different types of media to find one that burns well in that burner. I use Plextor and Lite-on burners with Fuji discs that are made in Japan and get pretty good results. I don’t do scans or anything like that but the movies dont skip or freeze so i’m happy.