Newbie wondering if he is doing it right



Hello, everybody!

I’m using DVD Decrypter version to burn Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 8X (YUDEN000 T02, TG000040) on a Pioneer DVR-111D (firmware 1.29).

I’d like to know if I’ve set up DVD Decrypter right;

I’ve put Write Speed at 8X, since I’m using 8X media.
The interface is SPTI - Microsoft.
The Buffer Size is 20 MB.
I’ve ticked the Verify box.

  1. Is the buffer size allright, or should it be larger/smaller? (RAM is 1 GB, and I’ve got plenty of space on the hard drive)

  2. Is there any need to set the write speed at another value?

  3. Should I enable “SpeedRead DVD (Plextor)” or use the “Set Read Speed” function, or neither (does it even matter)?

Since I don’t own a LiteOn recorder (or similar) I haven’t used KProbe or Nero DVD Speed, because the information probably wouldn’t be accurate if I should test the burned discs using the DVR-111D.

I’ve noticed something strange while burning:

After writing the “Lead-In”, the burner accelerates and stops at a constant speed of 6.0X for awhile. When it has burned 400 000 000 bytes, it goes back to 0.0X, then almost immediately accelerates to 8.0X. It maintains a varied speed of between 7.9X and 8.1X for the duration of the burning process (except for the end, where it varies between 7.7X and 7.9X).

Is this normal behaviour?

Allright, these were all the questions I have for now.
Please let me know if there are some important details I’ve forgotten to bring up, or if there are some specific options in DVD Decrypter that I need to change…

Take care, y’all! :flower:


Welcome to CD Freaks.

What you’ve done is absolutely fine as is the behaviour of the burner whilst burning.

You can get a fair idea of the burn quality on the Pio 111 with CD-DVD Speed. It’s by no means as accurate as a Liteon or Benq but it is indicative of a good or bad burn.

You might want to switch to ImgBurn for burning as it’s being continually updated as is the successor to DVD Decrypter for burning.


Yup, it’s normal behaviour.
The burner is using different write methods for different media and speeds.

PS: I would burn with Imgburn instead of DVDDecrypter, both tools are coded by [B]LUK![/B]


Thanks for the quick reply, guys!