Newbie with some hopefully simple question

Hi everyone, I really am new to all this. I have just purchased DVDFab platinum and was doing fine until a couple of days ago. I’ve burned some dvd’s and when i went to watch them they didn’t play properly at all, it was as if the movie was stepping through really slow…hope that makes sense. I then burned another dvd and when iwent to play it on the dvd player it didn’t register at all. Also does DVDfan platinum copy dvd’s that are copyright protected or do i need to buy another program for that? Any help would be much appreciated…please keep answers simple as i really am new to all this dvd burning. Thanks.

Hello, pkralev. Welcome to the club! Like you, I’m a newbie. Maybe you have the version of Fab Platinum which doesn’t copy protected dvd’s.
When I got mine a couple of months ago, there were two flavours for sale: one which could deal with protected dvd’s, and one which didn’t.
This is probably no help to you, but at least you know someone read your post. See you later, then. :slight_smile:

Were you trying to play the DVDs on a standalone player or on the PC?

If it was on the PC can you recall how long it took to burn the DVDs in the first place?

Hi pkralev. This sounds like maybe you need to make some changes in “Common Settings”. The following are found on the “Common Settings–>Write” page. If you are using -R blank media, set the write type to “SAO”; if using +R media, check the box that says “Set booktype to DVD-ROM”; set the Write speed to [B]one half[/B] of whatever your blank discs are rated and better to run a test at 4X and see how that works. You might also try a different brand of blank DVDs. Let us know if any of this helps.

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What disc’s are you recording on, are they good quality or really cheap?
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Thanks everyone for your replies. Well i changed the settings as signal mentioned (i’m using -R DVD’s) but i just realised i don’t have the DVD’s to copy as i gave them back. So as soon as i get my hands on the DVD’s i will try it with the settings mentioned. I think i’m using good DVD’s I have 2 types Sony DVD-R and also Verbatim DVD-R lightscribe. Thanks so much for all your help.

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Can anyone tell me what to do about getting DVDfab platinum to read my target drive. Right now it will only download the movie on the hard drive. Before I could pick the option to burn the movie on a disc. I have the latest DVDfab and I have a Sony DRX-81OUL burner. It worked before I bought the program but after I bought it I started to have problems. I am new to this this forum stuff and I hope to get better at it.


Do you have 1 or 2 DVD drives?


Hi Mack

I have two drives. The Sony is the external drive and my internal drive is an NEC DVD+RW ND-2100AD


Does it read in the internal drive? Is the external usb.?


No it does not read the internal drive. And yes the external is usb. Before I bought the program it read both drives. But after I bought the program the problems started coming. Like the problem with Saw III and then trying to down the latest to fix the problem. I also got this message when I started the program “Failed to intialze the burning engine. If you just installed the product, please restart you PC to see the result, or else please reinstall the produc.” I did that and still the same problem. I never got a message like that before.


One thing you need to do is make sure you have a key where you can copy and past to DVDFab, I forward it to a web based email address such as Gmail or yahoo. Then uninstall DVDFab & both drives, a registry clean, and Defrag your HD. Maineman has a link in his signature for a free registry cleaner, I think it is RegSeek. Windows has tools to defrag HD. After you are done, reboot and allow Windows to reinstall the drives. I would download DVDFab again and save it. Then install DVDFab making sure Platin Couffen engine installs a small Blue bar will fill in a small window and use C&P key in when installed.


I not quite sure what you want me to do. I am still learning all this stuff. I’m not sure how to uninstall both drives. I’m afraid of screwing something up. And this thing about a registry clean. I would like to thank you for helping me. I really need help.


Is there anyone out who is willing to help me? I would like to thank Mack for starting to help me. But I wasn’t understanding what he wanted me to do. I hope he would try to explain it some more or will some else take over. I am trying to burn Saw III now. So far it seems to be working. But DVDfab platiunum is only reading my hard drive and not my internal and external burn drives. I know it read my drives before I bought the program. I’m not very good at asking or doing this forum struff, but I could really use some help.