Newbie with slow dvd burning problem

Hi All - hope someone can help me,

I have a slow DVD burning problem.

Up until a few weeks ago my PC was really fast at burning DVDs but this has since slowed down to a snails pace. When I now burn a disc the device buffer (on DVD Decrypter) jumps from high to low and light on the front of my PC flashes to match this.

I have a Optiarc DVD RW AD-7170A (if this helps). I have checked my DMA settings in Device Manager and the Transfer Mode is set to ‘DMA if available’ for all primary and secondary (although the first Primary ID Channel ‘Current Transfer Mode’ is set to PIO - would this matter?)

In Device Manager I have 3 primary and 3 secondary IDE channels, is this right?

Discs used to take about 20mins to burn but now take about 1hour. I have not messed about with the PC settings (computers are a big mystery to me!) and I am utterly mystified as to why this has started to happen.

I have since tested this again by burning a disc without any programs running in the background but the results remain the same. I have also downloaded the Nero CD Speed Test program and performed a test.

By accident I left my Windows disc in the drive when I performed the first test and the results showed a speed of around 7.10+ (not sure if this is good or bad but the light on my PC remained on and the sound from the DVD drive remained constant).
I then performed a test on one of the blank discs from the batch I am currently burning on. This time the results were different…

The transfer rate speed was reported to be 0.75 and the flashing of the light on my PC had returned. (interestingly enough, when I attempted to stop the test the PC refused to eject my disc and I couldn’t escape from the program!)

If you require any more system info off me please just ask and if there is anyone who can give me some advice I would be very greatful.

Thanks in advance,

C h r e d g e :slight_smile:

Welcome to CD Freaks.

PIO mode is the problem. See this thread for help in resolving this. Alternatively download the VB script in my signature & execute it from Explorer.

You need to delete some of those IDE channels. Following the advice in the thread I’ve linked to should help there.

Thankyou TimC - you are a legend!

My DVD rom is back up to speed now and I’m well chuffed!

I owe you one sir!

C h r e d g e.

You’re welcome.

Not so much of a legend really as this is a very common problem and the fix is well documented.