Newbie with Samsung sm-352b

I ahve just got a new PC ands it came with a samsung sm-352b - dvd/cd rw combo.

It also came with Nero 5.5 pre installed.

I have been getting poor results when recording audio and have had to trash a few discs. I have been using Maxcell XL-11 80 music cd’sa which seem to work better. I coul’nt get TDK to work at all.

My main problem is that when I play an audio disc with either winamp or windows media, the drive will only play one song and then crawls to a almost stop. This applies to cdr’s and also genuine recorded discs.

I’m stuck - can anybody advise



hi! welcome to the forum

first of all , see that u have enabled DMA mode for all the drives including ur dvd combo drive .

please post ur system specifications and OS u have installed . try updating Nero to the latest version if dma enable fails .