Newbie with questions on a Nec 3540A

Can a NEC 3540 do multi session?
I am using OEM Nero and just burned a CD and noticed multi session was grayed out. Is it supposed to do multi session?
I just got it from newegg and the mfg date is July 2005.
I was rather surprised there wasn’t hardly anything in the box, a few mounting screws and a OEM cd of Nero. and it was the retail version.

The Firmware is 1.01 which should be upgraded. Not sure which is best.

I have some FujiFilm DVD+R disks which show up as RICOHJPN-R01.

What would be the best way to test and validate the drive I have is a good drive?


hmmm interesting? it should be able too.

maybe try another disc.

I probably shoud have specifyed that it was a cd not a dvd that didn’t do the multi session with Nero.


Make sure Nero does not have DAO (disc at once) selected.
Also you can use Nero CD-speed to check on disc quality.

Are the multisession options (“Start multisession disc” and “Continue multisession disc”) greyed out even when you launch Nero without any disc in the drive?

I tried a dvd and the multisession worked. I’ll haft to try another cd and see if the options are there or grayed out.