Newbie with NEC 3540 OEM. HELP!

Just bought and installed NEC 3540 OEM. Trying burn with Memorex 16x DVD -R. But the burner somehow thinks the media is a CD. I am thinking maybe I need to add the media to the burner’s firmware media list or something. Where would I find the firmware on my computer? I downloaded MCSE, but don’t know how to load the firmware in. HELP!

Go here:

This should get you what you need.

What is your media ID? I don’t see any Memorex -R 16X on the supported media list. You may have to wait a while for it to be included.

Thanks for the reply. Media ID from DVD Identifier shows “MCC 03RG20”. I see Verbatim is listed on the NEC stock firmware media list, maybe I will go get that. Question, can’t I use MCSE to add Memorex - R 16x? Of course that is if I can figure out how to use it. :bigsmile:

Are you using Nero?

I bet he is and has not selected DVD from the drop down :wink:

Actually, I am using nothing. This is what happens. I open my window explorer, I see it says DVD-RW next to my DVD drive letter. I put the blank DVD media in. It turns to ‘CD’ instead of ‘DVD-RW’. I try to click on it. It says something about invalid.

Hmm. What does it say in your device manager? What happens if you open CD-Speed (from and click on the disc info when the disc is in the drive?

Also check this

When I used DVDInfo, it says it’s a memorex -r.

BTW XP will always show it as a CD-ROM drive in Explorer. It means nothing. You should be able to brun and read fine. Just do it and see. :slight_smile:

Okay, you are right. I was mislead by XP. It burned a copy using Memorex -R 16x. Okay, problem number 2. It won’t play on my DVD. I have Toshiba SD3950. I went to VideoHelp and checked that it does support -R. It will play on my computer and another laptop which has a CD RW/DVD Rom. What did I do wrong? :confused:

Nothing. Just some dyes are not read well by different stand alone players. Try burning it at 8x instead of 16x and see if it works. If not try different media.

DeadMan, you da man!!! Totally dead on! I reduced my burn speed to 8x, and my dvd player has no problem of reading it now. THANKS!!!