Newbie with LG : HL-DT-ST DVD/ROM GDR8164B

Well my son just installed a brand new LG DVD ROM into my computer, it replaced a Toshiba CD/RW DVD ROM that worked fine but was noicey.
My LG seems to play everything but I can not seem to record anything (Audio CDs). When I use Nero analizer it shows that this DVD ROM will read everything but come up blank on all forms of burning.
Now before we return this item, when my son purchased it he was clearly under the impression it would burn both CDs & DVDs. Was the sales person wrong or did they sell him the wrong piece of equipment.
Or better yet is there an easy fix if this is indead a player/burner unit.
You guys are probably laughing by now but I went to the LG site and they do not even show this model so I can’t find a spec sheet at all.
If you can shead some light I would appreciate it a lot.
By the way I’m using Nero Express 6 software.

Thanks in Advance Northerner

That drive is a DVD-ROM drive. ROM=Read Only Memory. The drive model alone will tell you, it cannot burn anything at all. It just reads both types of discs. Burners are typically referred to as DVD+/-RW drives (read and write for both + and - formats). LG’s internal writers come in models with number os the form GSA-4xxxxB or GSA-Hxxx. Do not buy any LG writer which has a model starting with GWA, GCA, GMA or similar. You will have trouble getting firmware support later.

So your drive is incapable of writing data because the hardware doesn’t support it. I’m afraid you’re going to have to take it back. I’m not sure who misled who in your case but unfortunately, that is the way it is.

An LG Combo drive would start with LG GCC-xxxx.

Correct, but a combo will not burn DVDs, only CDs. Burning DVDs is one of the things he wanted. So that should be avoided as well.

That’s true, but some companies like to play tricks when giving burners names and titles like super duper multi something burner…

If you are looking for a LG DVD burner, look at anything starting with GSA. The current models are LG GSA-4166B, LG GSA-4167B, LG GSA-H10A and LG GSA-H10N. (The last model is the newest.)

You mean like super multi (LG) and allwrite (LIte-On)? Those terms mean that the drives can write to all DVD disc formats, including DVD-RAM. LG does not use that term and its logo on its DVD-ROM drives or combo drives. It only appears on their writers, and only the ones that support DVD-RAM writing. They did not want the term to be used by other manufacturers as some cheap advertising gimmick without really supporting all those formats, so they trademarked the thing. That is why Lite-On coined their own term for the same thing. It is an advertising term, but they take the meaning quite seriously.

Not sure about the terms used on Pioneer, NEC and BenQ drives though.


I well know what’s behind such “titles” but even they should be clear some companies and even more “stupid” dealers offer drives with useless titles and info that will almost any buyers mind play tricks on…

So they say Combo DVD/CD burner and some peeps think this drive would be able to burn DVD & CD, and so on…

Yeah, I know what you mean now. That just might be what happened to the poor guy here.

Yes. :frowning: