Newbie with dvd-rw, so how is DW822A?

I’m a newbie with these dvd-rw things, as they are getting rather cheap lately, its probably time for me to join in…so here is a few questions.

How is DW822A? In terms of compatability and performance?

What type of media do you suggest for simple backing up of files? and for movies? +r or -r?

Can I use a dvd-rw, specifically the 822A with an external usb adapter like this one?


The 822A is a great drive.
It’s a fast and excellent burner.
It’s a fast and excellent reader.
It burns a wide variety of good quality DVD+R media at 8x.
Can’t comment on the USB adapter you link to.

It can burn DVD-RW but it cannot read what it burnt. However, the DVD-RW burnt by this 822A can be played in my DVD players. Avoid DVD-RW and just use DVD+RW with this burner.

I cant even get my 822A to erase a DVD-RW actually. I’ve tried 3 diffferent discs. Hopefully a newer firmware will address the -R/RW issues that exist. I’m using strictly +R media and the burns are outstanding.

It can burn “-R” just fine in Windows environment, it won’t burn under DOS environment. With the “-” limitations, I still find the BenQ 822A a very economical burner (it can be upgraded to write DL discs by September, 2004) with very good “+R” performances and compatibility.

Especially for the price I paid C$92 tax included here in Toronto, it can burn my cheapo UL-Tran 4X DVD-R at 4X (my previous LG couldn’t only at 2X) and no problems.

Maxell and Memorex 4X DVD+R can be done at 8X, not bad for the price especailly DL support by end of September, only if Benq will keep its promise).

You got it from canada computers right? 79.99 + tax is a great deal…

oh…where in Toronto can I buy cheap +r or -r?

Yes is the cheapest place for -R Prodisc (imo better than Ritek) 4X DVD-R are $30/50 Pieces tax included. has Smart Buy (Prodisc) 4X DVD+R $42/50 pieces

if you found any place in Toronto that sell +R with good prices, please share.

My friend just send me this site:

They have these no name dvd-r for $17.99/50 before tax. Does the make of the disks make a big difference?

Cheapest 4x DVD-R is here:

I have burnt 60 discs with my 800A@822A, no coasters.

You can also consider the 800A which is upgradeable to 822A, maybe available here:

Either of you guys have some scans of this cheap media on the 822A? I’d be interested in trying some out as well.

Sorry, double post.

I got 50 when they were $19.99 and the code were VDSPMSAB 01, the 822 can burn them at 4X, movies back up are ok, no skipping but don’t use it for any serious stuff other than movies back up.

Not sure what they are now since the guy there either don’t know or won’t tell you what made they were (all silver top with no name), btw the last one I got from them before the VDSPMSAB 01 were longten 001 which my LG can burn them at 4X without problems but they were $40/50pieces then.

If you tell me how to do and post it, I’ll gladly post the result for you, these are no name silver top 50 spindle.

I just found this for VDSPMSAB 01

but I donno how to read it.

Wow, those scans look terrible but then again most were burnt on a 411S it seems. They will burn and scan better on the 822A undoubtedly but for data backup I’m not sure I’d trust them.

Many thanks for your help guys :slight_smile:

I am not really concerned with scans as I do not have a LiteOn DVD drive. Pls enlighten me your successful rate of this type of disc with BenQ822A, thanks. I am ready to try this disc but I don’t want to make all the way to this shop just to find out they are all coasters with BenQ822A or with my LG GSA4082B.

They were scanned with a 411S not necessary burnt with 411S! With those horible scans, I will hesitate and wait until someone tried it out good (a few coasters with the whole 50 pack) on the 822A.

Pls advise your successful rate with your 50 spindle on movie back up, thanks.

Burnt about 40 with my old LG at 2X, only one coaster (the disk took 15 minutes doing lead out, so I cancelled the burn, but the disk play fine, I throw it away anyway) burnt about 5 with the Benq at 4X, not one skipped with my cheapo Apex 1500.

Think I’ll go buy another spindle later this week, for $20 a spindle, I think they are fine for movies back up, btw I don’t use them for any serious stuff like data backup etc.