Newbie with CloneDVD problems

I’m a newbie when it comes to copying DVD’s. So, my problems may seem really stupid to you guys but I’m getting really frustrated and hope someone can help me. I just downloaded CloneDVD version 3.0 and I have windows XP. I’ve used it successfully twice when I made copies of 2 different DVD’s which both were 99 minutes. I had to do “movie only” in order for it to fit onto one disc. The others 109 minutes or larger, I’ve had problems with.

  1. I’ve tried over and over but just can’t get the movie to “compress into one blank disc”. In the “copy mode” I have a checkmark next to “compress into one blank disc”. I’ve tried deleting all the extra chapters (everything except for the main movie) and with some movies the space needed still exceeds the 4.7GB allowed. How do I get the “whole disc” or even just the “main movie only” onto just one disc? Doesn’t this program have someway of “compressing” the file so it can fit onto just one disc? After reading the “read me” file and all of the “help” section, it says that I should be able to do this, but I can’t figure it out. What am I doing wrong?

  2. What exactly does the “output disc information” mean? It lists the “input” and “output” sizes in the third screen on CloneDVD. What is the difference between the two? When “compress into one blank disc” is checked, the “input” size is larger than the “output” size. When “compress into one blank disc” is NOT checked the input and output sizes always seem to be the same on both disc, however, both discs maybe different sizes. Does the “input” size have to be smaller than the “output” in order for it too fit onto one DVD? Does it have to be less the 4.7GB… even if the program is supposed to be able to “compress” it? I’ve trying to copy/burn a DVD that is 109 minutes long but it won’t fit onto a 120 minute blank DVD+R disc.

  3. Since I’m new, I’ve wasted several DVD+R blank disc. So, I bought some DVD+RW blank disc. For some reason I can’t burn them using CloneDVD. After the DVD completes the “copy” process my DVD drive pops open and says to insert a disc. But there is a brand new blank DVD+RW in there already!?! Its not my drive, +R works fine and its not the discs… I’ve tried a few and they were all new. Does this program work with RW? If so, what am I doing wrong?

  4. Can anyone tell me how to erase DVD+RW discs? I’m testing things out here and when using another program - DVD-Cloner II - it stated that the DVD+RW must be erased first. I can’t seem to find a way to erase it that works.

Thanks in advance for any help…

I think you have downloaded the wrong clonedvd as you said it is version 3 by a different company.when the one you want is version 2 by elby ,the later clonedvd2 compresses the movie with no problem.

CloneDVD.NET is a fake one

Elby CloneDVD is the real one!!
You may try to download this software from Elby

I just boiught Clone DVD and I cant get by the registration number.I tried the download and I have a backup dvd.Both ask me for a registration and the number they gave me does not work.Have I been ripped off?

csandaguitarman: Welcome to CDF. What version of the program did you buy?

If you bought from somwhere other than Slysoft or Elaborate Bytes you are ripped off. This forum is designated for the Slysoft/ Elby Software of CloneDVD2 V is the latest. I am sorry we cannot help you. Please read this:

dvd clone 4

Please read this thread.

What don’t you understand. We do not provide support for this product. It is not CloneDVD2 Software from ElBy? Slysoft.:disagree: Look here: or here

Ask for a refund.

I have clonedvd2 and had no problems copying any movies untill now one of the movies either gives me the commentaries over the voice or just the backround music. what do i do to fix this. Also is there another way i can see if it works before i actually burn the cd?