Newbie with BenQ DW1650

Hi I just got a BenQ 1650 with firmware BCFC and don’t know anything about interpreting scan quality or what the best software I should use to read or write. I have all the popular writing software. I just did a burn of Batman Beyond .iso with DVD Decrypter 3.5.4 and then I scanned it with Nero cd/dvd speed. Is the drive and burn ok? How do I interpret the numbers? I used Maxell 8x DVD-R discs.

Also I’m trying to burn Scarface DVD with CloneDVD2 and after turning off all options except for the movie, 1 audio stream, and 1 subtitle, the quality is listed as 65%. Isn’t that really bad? What other software could I use that would be better? If I tried using DVD Rebuilder with an encoder what would the percentage of the quality be?

Update: I just tried playing the disc on my computer using PowerDVD and Media Player Classic and there’s no video but I can hear audio. If I click on the window titlebar and move the window around I can then see the video flickering. I’ve tried it on the Benq and a Samsung dvd-rom drive. I haven’t tried it on standalone dvd player yet cuz my family’s watching tv. But it’s bad enough I can’t watch it on my computer. I’ve watched the movie with the .iso file and it didn’t have any problems. What’s wrong??

Uh wait I just tried playing the .iso file again with PowerDVD and now it has the same problem. blank screen with audio that only shows flickering video when I move the window around. Was it something I installed?

Nvm my problem it turned out the culprit was ObjectDock of all things. After I shut it down and restarted PowerDVD the movie played fine.

Glad to here the problem got resolved.

Nice burn BTW.

Scanning at 8x is the recommended speed for the Benqs. Although with riplock on the most you’ll get is 8x anyway.

I thought my drive was advertised as reading 16x for DVD±R why is it locked at 8x? Or is that something else?

It’s riplocked at 8x for pressed commercial dual layer discs but for single layer dvd media it can rip at faster speeds. You can use the read speed patch to rip dual layer media at 16x. Do a search in here and you’ll find out how to apply the read speed patch to your drive. I don’t use it since I use my dvdroms to rip.

DVD_ADDICT already gave you an answer and I just like to add; 16x read speed on burned discs booktyped to DVD-ROM. :slight_smile:

Also note, using modified firmware voids your warranty. :wink:

That’s how they advertise them.

It’s a simple process to remove the read speed restriction. You just need the .exe for the firmware & Media Code Speed Edit. Load the exe in that & check the Increase Read Speed box at botoom right & save as a new name then run the modded exe file.

If you read the manufacturer specs the 16x is only apply to +/- writting strategy not reading.

Hi :slight_smile:
Reading the specs, are you sure?

Hi :slight_smile:
Firstly in the op, CD/DVDSpeed version prevents scan speeds higher than 8x (see scan included using BemQ original non modified f/w with latest version).
Read/ripping speads with original f/w 16x max for SL & 12x max for DL. With ala42s MCSE DL improves to over 15x. Scanning speeds affected by which version CD/DVDSpeed is used.

Can someone tell me how to read the numbers for PI errors, PI failures, and Jitter? What should I be looking for? What’s considered good, average, or bad. What quality score is considered good or bad?

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Try looking here.

How many drive you can show us that they read protected DL disc @ 16x without being modifed or patched?.

Can I upgrade just CD/DVD speed without having to upgrade anything else?

Your question is kind of vague, if you mean can you increase reading speed of your drive without modifying your drive firmware, yes and no , yes by patching your stock firmware with ala42 MCSE and flashing it in your drive but remember in any case you are voiding your drive warranty and do so at your own risk.

I shall assume you mean the scanning software and the answer is yes you can just download it:

Hi :slight_smile:
@TCAS et al,
In the o.p a scan was attached. Scanning speed selected max (although because of the version of CD/DVDSpeed used only 8x was achieved). As a result TimC(post#4) pointed out that most users select 8x for scanning. But adds that in the case of the original post 8x was achieved anyway due to riplock (not true).
mrspivy response (post#5) was they had believed that drive had in the spec claimed 16x max readspeed (true).
DVD ADDICT then (post#6) stated drive was locked @ 8x for DL (not true DL speed with original f/w is 12x max).
Then in you (post#9) state that “If you read the manufacturer specs the 16x is only apply to +/- writting strategy not reading.” (not the whole picture, therefore not strictly true). Hence in my response (post#10) I show that readspeeds are in the specs & that 16x max is referred to. (true the max speed is 16x [but for SL. DL & rewritables are lower]).
In my next post(#11) I try to point out that scanning speed in this o.p is @ 8x max as a result of using an earlier version of CD/DVDSpeed & has nothing to do with ‘riplock’ reading speeds etc.
So in answer to mrspivy, if you just want all speed options for scanning then the latest version of CD/DVDSpeed is all you need.
If however you want to tweak readspeed (via MCSE). Then patched f/w flashing is required.
The links for both CD/DVDSpeed & MCSE are in my sig:

Thanks for clearing that up. Do you know if there’s a good program that can convert .avi to svcd with the ability to make chapters? Also, what compression rate is considered good quality? I’m trying to burn Scarface DVD in CloneDVD2 and after removing everything I don’t need the arrow points at 65%. This is not very good right?

Hi :slight_smile:
Firstly 65% can be acceptable, this depends on what you use for playback/viewing. For most of your burning questions take a look here.