Newbie with Benq DVD DW1640- error drive D



I have a combined CD- rom & DVD drive -Benq DVD DW1640. I have a Dell computer. I am trying to play saved CD images & word documents and pre -recoreded DVD & CD’s. There are some that it will play and I have been able to use Nero to save to CD. Now the Nero is not working correctly and I can’t reinstall as it won’t read the CD!!!

I have flashed firmware on the drive with no luck - anymore suggestions - It does not recognise the CD rom and a DVD messages says subpicture will not be available during playback. THIS IS DRIVING ME NUTS!!!

Please does anyone have any suggestions??? ( Iam a real novice so please answer in plain speak!) :a


I’m a real green horn at this computer stuff. I’m retired& my daughter got me into this for a hobby. I’m open to all constructive suggestions and appreciate the help. AS you can see by my posts how new I am. Problem— I have the HP computer [M7680N] It has 2 gigs memory with 500 hard drive. It suppose to have just about everything. I downloaded a couple movies from limewire & when I burn them the qualty is poor. Is there any thing else need? THANKS in advance.


nerves wont get you very far when dealing with pcs or anything else for that matter , when a problem happens you should focus on finding a solution and try to remain calm , anyway follow the instructions on this page for removing upper/lower filter drivers,i believe it will resolve the problem

its called a dvd burner , when saying “play” do you mean burn? cuz its quite unclear at first i thought your talking on reading cds/dvds but then you mentioned the words “and pre recorded” which makes me wonder…


Hi Thanks for your reply - I have removed the registery as advised without any differences - The drive is still not recognising CD’s - The error mesage I get is please insert disc in to driveD - Please does anyone have any more ideas? Thanks Dolly :bow:


I can hear the drive when I put a disc in???


set the bios to boot from the benq (put it as first boot device) , and insert a bootable cd (the windows one will be a good choice) , if it will boot from it then youll know the drive is all good , but if not then youll know its gone bad


when I put a disc in that was transfered from AV files to DVD with DVD burn express I can explore the files and see audio TS & video TS files and Nero says that the file is corrupt or is not supported by the application.


when I put in a home “back up” DVD copy used with DVD shrink the same thing happens


If your problem is that you can’t read CDs, then it is possible that the CD laser on your drive has stopped working. DVD discs are read and written using a second laser, which is obviously still OK.

Do you mean that your drive won’t read commercial CDs such as the Nero installation disc, or bought audio CDs?


HI It cant seem to read commercial CDs such as the Nero installation disc, CD ROMS or bought audio CDs.HOpe you can help


If you tried the above fix from Microsoft and still couldn’t read from the drive after restarting your PC, then I’m afraid it’s possible that your CD laser has died.

As a matter of interest, which Benq firmware did you flash your 1640 to, where did you find the firmware, and what method of flashing (either via Windows or MS-DOS)?

Presumably the 1640 is an internal drive and not external and connected by USB…?


HI I got the firm ware on a download and im not sure about the method. The drive is internal- ANY Clues???


Hi I have abck up disc TDK DVD that I made and it can tead this OK ( DATA) whats happening??? Thanks


Thats the only disc it seems to read ok - is the laser working( seems to be on this disc only) I need something to read existong CD & DVDs & record- Can anyone please help. Thanks Dolly


Hi I have BSIB I downloaded to firmware from Benq website versA- 7.5 - hope this helps Dolly


Hi I can burn and save to DVD & read saved DVD
disc- does any of this make sense?/???


If your Nero doesn’t work, try CDBurnerXP.

Being more specific about what CD “files” or “images” you have problem to backup would also help.


HI I can save to DVD - but the drive does not recognise CDs


Can I ask why you decided to use BSIB firmware? Surely this is a very old firmware…?

My 1640 is on BSRB and it is the most recent official edition. You may like to try flashing your 1640 to BSRB from here:

…bottom of the page, and see if things improve.

Edit: Sorry I didn’t make it clear before, that your drive has two lasers: one for CDs and one for DVDs. It’s possible that the CD one has stopped working (or has some fluff stuck on it and is diverting the beam), whilst the DVD laser keeps working.


Hi thanks I will try the link and let you know. I do not seem to have a problem only with CD’s I think you may be right that the CD one has stopped working and I would like to get it working again.Thanks for your help