Newbie with a question

ok heres my problem i downloaded a program on MIRC yesterday and i opened it up and instead of having a setup thing to install the program and use, it’s a bunch of files like .r00 - .r31 a .rar and .sfv file well i used Daimans tools to mount a .cue file that i got from the .rar file and i installed the program but i wanted to know if i can burn this proggie to a disc and install it straight of there.I burned the file that i downladed to a disc but its still just a zipped file on a disc lol.I want to be able to just pop it in the CD-ROM drive and have the install screen pop up ,can i do this? and if i can can you give me the list of steps on how to do it.


Unpack all the rar’s ( as you did I think)
Look for a bin and cue file.
Open up Nero, fireburner cdrwin or similar programs.
Choose ‘burn image’ in Nero and doubleclick the cue file, or open cue file in fireburner.
Burn the sucker.
Ready to go!

Good luck

Thats exactly what i wanted to know,
thank you benxx for the reply!