Newbie with a new ND-2100A question



I’m a newbie here and I just picked up new NEC ND-2100A (Dell OEM). I have been reading other posts here on upgrading the firmware for this DVD writer.

I’m very confused on what the right firmware is and jow do do the procedure. Will someone take the time to explain what I need to do “in detail” to accomplish this task of upgrading the firmware? I just installed it yesterday and my Nero 5.5 recognized it. I need to get files to a floppy or however it’s done to work.

I’m not too computer savvy but I built this thing below out of an old Gateway “90mhz” full tower and flashed the bios twice so I think I’m able to understand most of the stuff I might be told.

Thanks for any help, greyno3

Abit NF7-S v2
D24 bios
XP 3200 @ 2600mhz
Thermalright SLK-947U/Vantec Tornado 92mm
Arctic Silver 5
Corsair TwinX XMS256-4000PT 512mb
40GB WD Caviar HDD (x2)
Custom NB H/S
Geforce FX5200 128mb DDR
US Robotics Perf. Pro 56K
Lite-on 16x DVD
Win XP Pro SP2/98SE
Dell P1110 21" flat Trinitron monitor
Gateway P5-90 Full Tower case
Antec True Control 550w


everything you need to know about flashing firmware is coverd here


Thanks but this don’t explain a thing.


This is what nero 5.5 reads. Is there a newer firmware for this? i was told it was a Dell OEM. I’m confused but I’ll get it right eventually.

Thanks for any help, greyno3

General information

Operating system : Windows NT V5.01.2600 Service Pack 2
ASPI manager : ahead software gmbh

im stoeckmaedle 6

76307 karlsbad, germany

Fax: ++49-7248-911-888

e-mail: V2.0.1.28

Driver : nvatabus.sys
Description : NVIDIA® nForce™ IDE Performance Driver
Company : NVIDIA Corporation
Version : 5.10.2600.0412 built by: WinDDK

Drive information

Host adapter : 0
Device ID : 1
Vendor : _NEC
Product : DVD+RW ND-2100AD
Firmware version : 1.26

Buffer size : 2048 KB
Maximum read speed : 7056 KB/sec (40 X)
Read CD-R : yes
Read CD-RW : yes
Read CDDA : yes
CDDA accurate : yes
Read R-W : yes
R-W packed : no
C2 pointers : yes
Speed settings : 4 X

Read RAW mode : yes

Disc information

Type : data mode 1
Tracks : 1 (1 data, 0 audio)
Capacity : 47:51.23 (215348 sectors)

Supported commands

Mode Sense 6
Mode Sense 10
Command not supported
Read CD
Command not supported
Set CD Speed