Newbie with 60+ DVD's who needs to make a copy to go to a HD for storage



New to the forum, new to ripping, new to alot of things, but still need advice and direction to rip a copy of a legal DVD (commercial movie) to a HD to watch and enjoy for personal use.




Be gentle… :iagree:


DVD Decrypter will handle 90% of the DVDs out there. DVDFab Decrypter will handle the few Columbia Tristar releases that use ARccOS protection. Both are free. Once on your hard drive, you will need the ability to view MPEG-2 material. VideoLAN player will do so, or you can get the ffdshow codec package which is not a player itself but will enable DVD playback with Windows Media Player, etc. Both of those are free as well.


RipIt4Me is also a good ‘starter’ package.


For pay software (but with a free, fully functional 21 day trial), AnyDVD is about as simple as it gets - runs in the background, removing encryption, whilst you rip with CloneDVD2, DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink or whatever. :slight_smile:

DVDFab Decrypter, as mentioned, is a good free one too :iagree: