Newbie with 3520...just burned a few discs..can't update to any of the 1.24 firmware?

Hi all…just stumbled upon this forum after doing a search on this drive…just installed it today and began burning.

I noticed, however, that there are new firmwares available, notably 1.24 and 1.25 based on the I/O drives. I’m currently using the original 1.04 firmware that came bundled with mine.

However, when I tried to update the firmware to the original 1.24 with binflash in windows xp, it told me that no matching drive was detected. It states the following:

Identified drive: 5
Detected drive from Firmware: -1

I take it that means I don’t have the particular rebadged 3520a drive necessary. My main goal is to be able to set the bitsetting on my DVD+R single layers to DVD-ROM, and it appears only the 1.24 and up firmwares support this. I’ve managed to burn 4 successful data dvd’s out of 4 with verbatim 16x dvd+r SL media…all with times ranging from 6:30 - 10:00 minutes…I’m thinking it’s because some of the files were in very fragmented directories on seperate partitions.

Nevertheless, is there any hope for a guy like me to take advantage of this 16x dvd+r SL media with DVD-ROM capabilities, or will I have to await for an upcoming firmware release? Thanks again people

I think you’re wrong here. Identified drive: 5 means that binflash detected your drive as a NEC3520 (or compatible). But Detected drive from Firmware: -1 means that the file you tried to flash, did not contain a valid firmware. Either your download was aborted or you did not unzip/unrar a compressed file.

You were right man…I needed the .bin file. I still don’t know how to utilize the .exe files for the hacked firmwares.

Regardless, I flashed the drive to the official original 1.24 firmware and defragmented my harddrive. I burned another data disc this morning with 4.2 gb of data and it burned successfully in 5:14 with my verbatim 16x dvd+r media! Best thing of all is that the firmware worked and the disc was bitset to DVD-ROM and worked in all our home players.

Thanks again for all the help people this forum is very informative would have never known what to do since this is my first dvd drive of my own, let alone a dvd burner. This burner so far has proved awesome for me as I’ve had no coasters, it’s very quiet and reads discs fast…and now after defragging and flashing it’s lightning fast.

This is a little confusing, but the I/O 1.24 firmware is actually the oldest firmware available for the NEC 3520, it’s just that the I/O firmware features bitsetting.

The official NEC firmware version is 1.04, however, there are 6 revisions to this firmware. The I/O 1.24 firmware is actually based on the original iteration of the 1.04 firmware.

The tables at this website explain the various firmwares available for the 3520:<br>
<a href=“”></a>

I would recommend either using the 6th version of the official NEC 1.04 firmware or using the recently released I/O 1.25 (if you want the bitsetting).

Good luck your NEC drive…

Thanks much for your reply :slight_smile:

I actually decided to flash to the new Liggy and Dee beta 3 firmware and the speed and transfer results look awesome. However, I have no way of testing the burn quality as I only have one dvd drive, which is this 3520a :frowning:

Like most of us here, all you can do is use the Nero CD/DVD speed testing tool and check for a clean reading over the whole length of the disc.

A premis being that poor burning problems will show up as poor disc reading problems. Examples of which, you will see in many threads of this forum.