Newbie with 250ukp to spend

Ok I have ben looking at the web and local stores, and I have found these units so far.

LiteOn LVW-5045

H&B DRHD-120

Lg RH-7500



HDD size is not important as I can record off to dvd etc, but what is important is features, especially the ease of editing etc, I want to be able to trim off the beginning of recordings, and the end, and cut bits out of the middle.

If possible I would also like to be able to merge 2 recordings etc.

And have a tuner. (I expect they all have)

Its going to used 24/7 by all the family as well as me when editing camcorder footage so I dont want another netto dead in 9 month recorder…

lower priority on my wish list is:

Divx/xvid/avi would be nice.

Firewire camcorderwould be nicer than phono.

5.1 phono sockets for my non digital amp

VPS/startext/pdc if possible.

I have googled etc but most sites tell you FA except the price, so if any of you have one and tell me if your model has these features etc I would be thankful.

You’ve probably bought by now but…

I had similar criteria as you.

I bought a LiteOn 5045 from Amazon first- it lasted 3 days before going back as it started producing dark lines on the output. it was probably an internal cable fault - but it went back.

I ended up buying an LG RH7500. It meets all your criteria with the exception of separate 5.1 audio outputs - if this is a major need then the unit is a no-no for you.

FWIW I like the unit a lot - for the money it does a very good job. I have a niggle about how it (fails to) handle 16:9 / 4:3 switching from an external decoder (Freeview Box) but it is a minor issue.


Thanks for the reply, no I have not bought yet, decided I can wait it out on the old unit till after the christmas rush.

Not looked at the model you bought in detail, I’m intrigued by the 16/9 issue, I thought most analog transmissions were in fake 16/9 / padded to 4/3 for the old tellys like grandma has…

Hang on I get it, freeview, I’m ok I dont have that!

How is the editing functions?

Can it split a recording into parts and then merge back together so you can kill adverts etc?

Best liteon fault I had was a dvd player with divx, manual said played all formats so I thought Ha playstation disks have some full motion video clips, wonder if it can play those…


It crashed but left the drive running, faster, and faster, and faster, I’m in panic pushing every button I can find on the remote then smash! the cd flew apart sending bits of plastic everywhere in the player and blowing the little flap off the front of the drive.

This is not fiction!

Yes - you can edit files to remove bits (like adverts). Like many of these type of recorders it’s not an exact science - you can’t really do frame accurate editing - but for topping-and-tailing and advert removal it works well enough.