Newbie who can't get picture to play properly



I’ve transferred the dvd to my hard drive but the picture keeps breaking up-what should I do,this is with CSS protected dvd’s.


please give us computer specs and what media player do you use?


1.60 GHz
And I use VLC media player.


single core i take it?

do you have a separate video card or onboard?

do dvds play ok from the dvd drive or is this just with the hard drive backups?


No it’s dual core and video card on board.

I just tried and they won’t play on my dvd drive either.


so it seems the problem is not with dvdfab ripping. the original dvd plays the same as the rip when viewing in VLC player. have you tried other source dvds or just this one? could be scratched/dirty dvd?

do you know how to uninstall and reinstall device drivers for your video card? what make and model of computer do you have or did you build it?

you probably have Vista, 2GB ram is considered minimum by most users, do you have alot of processes running? did you install any codec packs? did you install any other dvd burning/ripping/authoring software? what dvd drive make and model do you have?

and any other information you can think of which may pertain to dvd ripping/viewing.


I have a Sony Vaio NR21 model laptop and no I haven’t installed any codec packs or any other dvd burning software.


this one

do you have the latest graphics driver available here, 15.9.1472 5/28/2008

have you checked your running processes? do you know how to disable startup programs?


I’ll try thanks see if it works.


how long is the ripping [copy to hard drive] process taking?


It seems to be working correctly now and the rip speed has become alot faster.It seems the download did it thanks.