Newbie whats the advantage of dvd ram?

hello i am considering a new writer i like the look of the plextor with a slot front as i am limited to space where the pc is i have also looked at the nec 4550 which also supports dvd ram but dont understand what is dvd ram and is there an advantage to using it over say single layered verbatim disk’s ?

thanx in advance


The main advantages are:

RAM discs are rewritable
They have a better reliability than rewritable media
Under windows XP is not necessary any external driver to use RAM media as large floppys
RAM media can be written many more times than RW media

The main disadvantages are:

Not all drives are able to read RAM media
They are slower than any rewritable media (because all writings require a verification and this process ensure more reliability but also a slower writing speed)
RAM media are costly