Newbie wants to take audio from dvd to cd



Hi guys.
Question for you.
I have a concert on DVD and I want to take the audio and burn a cd for my car.
Is that possible? If so, can anyone help me out?



It’s not free and i’ve never used it but they claim it will do it >


Well it’s a free trial so I guess it won’t hurt.
I’ll have to try it out.



Erm, you also could try this:

Download Auto Gordian Knot (signature)

Insert the DVD - start Auto GK

Step 2, select the Track you wanted

Step 3, choose 700 mb

Step 4, Advanced Settings: Audio - VBR MP3, kbps: 128

outputfile, where you want to save your video

Now add job and start job.

This will take some time depending on your system (2-6 hours)

Now, go to the folder where you saved the output file and there is a folder “gk_tmp” (for example, my blind guardian dvd: BLIND_GUARDIAN AC3 T01 3_2ch 448Kbps DELAY 0ms.mp3)

This file is the mp3 version of your DVD, you can burn it with Nero as an Audio CD.

Maybe you have to cut the mp3 a little bit (Nero wave Editor) also you can cut the mp3 to seperate tracks.


I would just rip the vob, demux the AC3 track out of it, decode it and then burn the .wav to CD.


Sure, but i didn’t remember how to explain… oh… with DVD Decrypter, thx Jucius :wink:


Okay, here is how to do it… You will need a DVD ripper (such as DVD Decryptor or SmartRipper), DGIndex, a handy little commandline AC3 decoder called AZID, and another little commandline utility called SSRC (by Naoki Shibata).[ol][li]Rip the chapter(s) of the DVD you want.[]Demux the audio using DGIndex:
[/li]Under Audio > Output Method, choose Demux, then under File, choose Save Project.[
]After the process has completed, use AZID with the switches -s stereo -F wav -c normal infile.ac3 outfile.wav (where infile is/are the name[s] of the AC3 file[s] that DGIndex demuxed for you and outfile is/are the name[s] you want to give the created WAV file[s]). These WAV files will be 48kHz, but for burning an audio-CD you want to convert them to 44.1kHz at the highest possible quality first, so…[]After running the AC3['s] through AZID, run it/them through SSRC with the switches –rate 44100 --att 1.5 --dither 2 infile.wav outfile.wav[]Delete the 48kHz WAV['s] and use the 44.1kHz one[s] for audio-CD creation.[/ol]


Thanks for all of the suggestions.

Unfortunately I have to RMA my drive and wait for the replacement to arrive.
I’ll check this thread again when my new drive arrives!

Thanks again


Anoither example


When I rip the chapter out of the dvd that I want, I’m not going to go the ISO route, right? I want to save as files?



With DVD Decryptor, follow these steps:

(1) Start program, insert DVD & choose “Mode” > “IFO”

(2) In the “Stream Processing” window:
select “Enable Stream Processing”
unselect everything but the audio track
select “Demux” in the “Stream: 0xA0 - Audio” section

(3) In the input window:
select the song (i.e. chapter) you want to rip and make sure that the appropriate cell is also marked. E.g. “Chapter 7” and “Cell 7”. Unselect all other chapters (and cells).

(4) Start ripping.

You can only rip one song (chapter) at a time. Repeat step (3) for every song you want to rip. If you rip all chapters at once, you get one big file containing all songs.

The ripped files will be in AC3, WAV or whatsoever, depending on your dvd.


It’s a dvd concert footage that I’m trying to make into a cd.
I’ll try your suggestion and let you know if it worked.
Seems simple enough.



I was able to rip the soundtrack I wanted.
I know have them as VOB files.
How do I convert them to the WAV?
I’ve tried using DVD2AVI but it’s not working for me.



Are you shure you followed the steps? VOB is a video format, not audio. Choose only the audio track.


I followed them down to a T.
I selected only audio files in Decrypter.

Well, I’m using the link that Rolling56 suggested.
That is working like a charm.



Glad it worked. Wish it was free. I saw it on TechTV if you are familiar with that show. Kevin Rose was using it i believe.


Yep, I watch that show from time to time.
Thanks again for the link.
That worked great!



I’ve been attempting this with the Dolby Digital tracks on my DVD-A discs. Giant PIA but I’ve managed to pull one off using DVD Shrink to create the vob file with just the 2.0DD and then BeSweet to convert the vob file to wav. I couldn’t use DVD Audio Ripper as it won’t support non-video DVD’s (ie: DVD-Audio discs). Now this left me with a giant 1 hour+ wav file. I brought it in to Nero’s Wave Editor but of course I add the track breaks and tell it to save the track breaks as seperate files and it does… for one or two files and then the third file is another giant file consisting of track 3 through 13 :a I’ve “gotten around” this by opening up that large file resetting the track breaks and re-saving the new tracks. Which of course works for one or two tracks and then I have to do it again!!! That and all the track files it creates it breaks off the remaining audio but leaves the file the original 1 hour+ length! So of course now I have to reopen each file individually and delete the hour long blank period in each file…aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!! Now, after all that… although the playtime is less than 80 minutes… the files in total are 758Mb… which of course won’t fit on a 700Mb CD!!! :a :confused: :a

Help :rolleyes:


Well the size doesn’t seem to be a problem as it burnt just fine :cool: Now if we can just do something about the rest of those problems!! :iagree: