Newbie wants to buy CloneDVD2

I’ve been using ICopyDVDs2, and the program doesn’t do quite enough for me – I’d like to be able to have more options. (Since I picked up a new copy for $1 in a resale store, I figured I got my money’s worth.) After researching other programs, it looks like CloneDVD2 is the best option. But I’m puzzled about purchasing it. :confused:
Please forgive this newbie question, but is it better to buy through the elby site or through Slysoft? I also am going to purchase AnyDVD as I’ve been trying it out and really like it. So it looks like buying through Slysoft makes sense – and costs less. But are there advantages to getting it directly from elby? I’m also wondering about the support. The elby site is a little vague on this. Your discussions on many issues have been really helpful. Thanks!

buying it through the slysoft site saves you money, thats if you buy anydvd at the same time. it’s the same product as the elby clonedvd, slysoft are a reseller of it (also help develope it aswell{i think})

great programs and support, well worth the investment.

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Dear harvwald: Welcome to the forum,
I believe it would be better for you to purchase through Slysoft as their support and service is unequaled. If you buy the package I beleive you can save a few dollars. Just make sure you use the trial period to make sure it is what you want and then make your purchase. Save you keys to file or to floppy and you will be very happy. Its a great program.
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do not buy from ebay
the licence will be eventually blacklisted
and will not work for future updates

Thanks, everyone! Good idea to do the trial first, too. Appreciate the great advice.

You won’t be sorry with CloneDVD/AnyDVD, outstanding products, outstanding support. Buy them both together from Slysoft, save yourself a few $$$.