Newbie wants help buying an external lightscribe drive

Hey all,
another newbie here.

I have a Plextor PX-712 burner now four years old with no problems.

The PC is same age and works fine. I primarily use it editing avi files/burn dvd’s etc.

I plan to build a new PC and would like to have an external Light scribe burner to use with both the existing machine and the new one when built.

I’m thinking firewire interface–I’ve been out of the loop for a while so I don’t know what’s best today.

Also I called Plextor tech and asked them this question which I’ll ask you guys.

How time intensive is the label burning process with a light scribe burner compared to the usual movie file or music file that you would choose to burn onto a dvd.

I hope this question was clear enough.

Lets say I burned a dvd movie I had edited and the rendering process took 1.5 hr. to render with Vegas 8.0 pro and the burning process takes approximately 30 minutes.

I think you flip the disc and then burn the label/image.

I realize what you choose as an image has a serious affect on the time requirement but please be kind as I am in learning mode here.

So just give me some examples please.

I just want to get the right equipment and go from there.

Any recommendations as to brand of burner etc. would be greatly appreciated. BTW Plextor tech guy said they don’t offer a drive w/lightscribe capability

thanks, Tom Bufkin:D