Newbie w/ 1640 and 4 HOUR BURNS..., WHY?

I made a new thread but it disappeared b/c my computer froze up,so…
I have a toshiba satellite A85 laptop. Im running a 1640 and using firewire. I have tried sony 8x and verbatim 16x DVD-R’s. I use the Nero that came w/ it, I think 6. It was bought from Circuit City. I’ve burned about 5 or 6 dvds and all but one came out good. The bad one, the words didnt match their mouths too well. BUT ALL TOOK OVER four hours. I copied 2 of them onto my HD then burned the others I downloaded. They are normal length, an hour 45min about. The first two or three steps of the burning process seem to take the longest, then the last step when it burns takes about 15 minutes. I use the Qsuite before too, I click check drive and try to do Qscan but it says activating drive or something similar. Basically it takes 4 HOURS AND 45 MINUTES TO BURN COMPLETELY. Is this normal? I read the FAQ and checked my HD, transfer type is DMA if available on primary and secondary. Please help me out. WHY DOES IT TAKE SO LONG?

What external enclosure are you using? What chipset is it based on? You can find out by right clicking the “save removal” icon in the tray. Another click on “close” in the appearing window brings you the name of the chipset.

It seems, that the 1640 has huge probs w/ Firewire. It would be better to use USB. Even better would be flashing the drive to 164B, this improves performance in external cases.


I think I already updated the drive, the external enclosure is a prolific combo drive and it says bytecc. I was told firewire was the best so I bought an adapter and a cable, damn :rolleyes:

BTW can I make a copy of Red Alert 2?

EDIT:went to, this is what I flashed last

I downloaded the flash that your talking about to my desktop, its from and is a zip. Is it easy to install?

Profilic? Which one exactly? If it is the 3507 your drive should work fine via USB, so why don’t you give USB a try? Before crossflashing you should try everything easy.


Your main problem’s have nothing to do with burning, it has to do with transcoding etc.

That in fact could be reason… :o


Thats what I figured but I still have no idea what I can do to fix it. so what should i do so it doesnt take so long?

Buy a new, faster computer! The higher the clock speed of your processor, the faster your video will encode. Encoding is almost entirely processor clock speed dependent. So a 3.8ghz Pentium 4 might be ideal…

If you have a 1.4ghz now and it takes 4 hours, it will take more like 2 hours with a 2.8ghz for example…

First of all what software are you using? If you’re backing up a movie I would suggest first use DVD DECRYPTER to rip the files then use DVD SHRINK to transcode. In DVD SHRINK in preferences do not let it automatically burn with NERO BURN. I have a old pentium 3 933 chip that takes about a hour to transcode with DVD SHRINK. I never let DVD SHRINK rip the files. Another suggestion is instead of creating a VIDEO_TS & AUDIO_TS folders with DVD SHRINK, chose create a ISO image then burn with DVD DECRYPTER. :wink:

Also note that using a enclosure with the PROLIFIC CHIPSET works better with internal BENQ drives. Do a search in here and you’ll see how others have had success in using the PLUMAX enclosures which have the PROLIFIC CHIPSETS. Firewire is the way to go compared to USB that has known compatibility problems. :wink:

Thanks I am going to try that

i have the file already on my comp. its a divx file. When i try to find it for dvd shrink it doesnt find it. What can I do so shrink see’s it?


If its a DivX file already, just burn it straight to a DVD. If you want to turn it into a DVD to play on your TV DVD player, you will need Divx to DVD, a program to convert it. Or buy a Philips DVP-642 DVD player which will play nearly anything. The burning is not the problem, it is the conversion process.

I want to follow dvd addicts directions but shrink wont see it, all i want it faster burns!!!

DVD SHRINK DOES NOT WORK WITH DIVX FILES. Your slow burning times are due to the firewire connection you are using! Connnect via USB!

What firmware are you using with your 1640 drive that is in a external case? Do you have access to a desktop pc to put your 1640 drive in? You could see if the drive works ok in a desktop pc. How fast is your laptop? It would help if you post your laptop specs.

As already mentioned if the files you have are DIVX then you will need a converter for DIXV to DVD. DVD SHRINK doesn’t work with DIVX files. I don’t know much about DIVX files but you can check out for tools to use to do your conversion from DIVX to DVD. :slight_smile:

Simply what also were explained before:
DVD shrink is a DVD compliant content transcoder. It ONLY works with mpeg2 files, that are .VOB files on video DVDs.

Your source is DIVX, which is an mpeg4 format. This requires recoding to mpeg2 dvd compliant format if you want to create a VIDEO DVD.

I strongly suggest to read & follow the guides on and