Newbie Video CD

Ok, im using nero
Still pretty new to it, but so far I know how to burn audio cd’s, data cd’s, iso’s, etc. The only thing I didnt try yet is Video CD. I have about a 710 divx avi movie so I need some directions on how to start.

Thank you

You need to first convert the AVI file to a MPEG file using MPEG encoders like Xing.

Then Convert the MPEG to a DAT file using VCDGear.

Then just drop the DAT file in Nero & Burn.

You will find these helpful links on how to create VCDs from Divx:

And probably a whole lot more information on this forum regarding the Use of Nero for the creation of VCDs

Actually if you get the Nero mpeg encoder plugin you can drag and drop the files in the window select burn come back in about four hours and nero will have your VCD ready to go. It will do all the work in converting .AVI to MPEG for you and burn it! I used to do that a lot with the .AVI’s i used to get from morpheus. Now I use this great program called DVD2SVCD. It is seriously the best program I have ever used and very user friendly. Only works on athalon pc’s by default.



will a full movie fit on one cdr… even though movies are over 80 min

nope, not without oversized cd’s

So i can take a 734Mb divx avi… do that whol vcd thing, then burn it to a 700Mb disk… and it will work to play in my comp. Cause i just tried over burning it to a disk… as is… avi format, plugged it in my comp… not a dvd rom mind you, just tried to play the file off the disk and it wouldn’t, but the original off the HD worked fine… will doing what was stated above make it work… going to mpeg then to vcd? then dat and what not.

i have a big problem guys–i tried burning an avi file with nero by dragging and dropping, and it took the whole 3 or 4 hours to encode and burn, but it always says the disk is full when i use an 800MB disk. the avi file i am using is 66 minutes long and 610MB large. why is it not fitting? can anyone please help!!!