Newbie using cloneCD

just a bit of info to other newbies and a thanx to the clever ones who i have read from and learned:bow:

I have a plextor cd-r px-w 4824 a and sony DVD-Rom DDU 1612
and run xp home.
My version of cloneCD is .
So far i have backed up Unreal/ Red Alert/ Red Alert 2/ Yuri’s Revenge and now Generals. All ‘on the fly’ with no other settings changed.
They all work fine apart from Generals which needs to be played in the DVD drive.
Ive looked at Blindwrite and suchlikes, but am not clued up enough yet to give them a go !
So take heart other newbies, its not that bad :bigsmile:

Regards all


try the search button a great tool for learning. Your problem has been answered so much in the passed and with great detail