Newbie..trying to make my audio cd anticopy

i wanna make a master copy and make sales off the cd butnot be able for other 2 mass produce my cd’s but still make them play in cars , cdplayers etc

Then don’t put any copy protection on it.

Simple as that.

Audio cd protections are terrible and will ALWAYS end up with some people being unable to play them.

Usually, regardless of the audio protection, the CDs can still be copied. Its just the fucked up way audio protections are (especially the free ones or any ones me and you can pick up), there just meant to deflect the dodos in the world ;).

I recommend Easy Audio Lock… also try the other programms on this site:


thanks foor the advice n input guys …g3ri imma loook into that software

sry i do not understand this slang ;D

You can always play it and record through a line in or something removing protection without even trying, it’s the way i used to do it when i was about 12…