Newbie trying to flash SONY DDU1621,help

Hallo there, I want to flash my Sony DDU1621 DVD-ROM. I have a very old version (S1.6). I tried using the .exe file I downloaded from Sony’s official site, but I got a really strange message that “this is the incorrect firmware version” or something, and the device stopped working for a while. Fortunately it “recovered” after 2 reboots. And I don’t get it. What does it mean wrong version? Is there a way to choose a wrong version? I just choosed the last one…

Anyway, I decided to use mtkflash. I read all the faq and help I could get, I want to be SURE before I try anything that could damage the drive, so I thought I should post for a question and a “verification”. I downloaded mtkflash v1.80 and firmware vS4.1 from this page( ) -by the way, what is the difference between rpc1 & rpc2- My DVD is connected to Secondary MASTER. So I guess all I have to do is create a bootdisk, copy mtkflash and binary files on the disk, boot and run:

MTKFLASH 3 W /B /M filename.BIN

The thing is that there 2 binary files in the zip file, bide00.bin and bide01.bin. Which one do I use in the command line??

Thanx a lot

Here’s a how-to I wrote years ago:

Word to the wise – if your drive came with 1.x firmware you can only flash updates in that series to the drive. If you flash 2.x, 3.x or 4.x firmwares you will have a bad flash.

RPC-2 firmware is region-protected. RPC-1 is region-free.

You mean all I can do is update it to S1.7?? well that sucks :confused: I was hoping to improve its reading ability…