Newbie trying to Burn DVD movie w/ Nero 5.5



I use DVD Shrink to shrink the DVD movie down to size. But I am not sure which files to move over to NERO. I have these types of files VIDEO_TS.BUP, VIDEO_TS.IFO, and VIDEO_TS.VOB. I copied all the files from Shrink over to NERO from the movie. NERO will copy the movie fine onto a Princo blank DVD, but when I put it in my regular DVD player the player will just eject it back out because it cannot read it.


nero is easy

easiest way is nero express

just open it up and go to the top drop down and choose your dvd recorder


make sure it has the [dvd] a the end …

then pic dvd-video files
then add the files in the folder from dvd shrink and then just burn from there

it is very easy

I use dvd shrink and nero all that itme …nero

i dont use six cause that caused problems and i am too lazy to download the other 5.5 updated versions …

also if you have dont it like I have described and still cant get it to play on your player …then your dvd player might not be able to read burnt dvd’s …

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oh best thing to do is try it in another dvd … also there are more tests to do but that is easiest


While not being very good at burning DVD’s can anyone say “ROOKIE”, this guy is the master and has great patience and took me step by step through the process on how to make a successful burn of a DVD. I would highly recommend that anyone that is interested in learning how to do this is have him help you. A+ work, great person to work with!