Newbie trying to backup WC3

Alright, I’m on my new laptop and I’m trying to backup my copy of WC3. I’ve read through some of the forums, and tried various things. Most recently, I tried to do a TwinPeaks copy using Alcohol 120% as described at

The problem with this is that the .mds file created is over 800 megs. The origanal disc is only 680 megs, and the CDs I have are 700 megs. :eek:

So, the WC3 version I have is 1.14
The drive I’m trying to use is:

This machine is also running Windows Vista, if that makes any difference. Any help with this would be much appreciated, and please put it in as simple terms possible, as I’m not used to doing backups recently. :bow:

The .mds file is a raw image and is ~19% larger than the space it will occupy when burnt as an image from the .mds file. In short, your image when burnt will fit on a 700mb cd.

Well, perhaps that’s how it should work, and I’m not doubting you, but Alcohol told me that there wasn’t enough space on the disc, and wouldn’t let me begin. Also, as instructed, I used the A-Ray patch-a-majig. I don’t know if that makes any differance.

I appreciate your responding, maybe later today I’ll give it another go using that same ‘patched.mds’ file.