Newbie - trouble with Inconvenient Truth & The Wild

Hi everyone. I’m new to this forum!

I’ve had good successes so far with burning DVDs but lately hit two snags and hoping you guys can help!

Inconvenient Truth

I ripped the original DVD onto my HDD (folder C:\DVD\Inconvenient Truth) and it automatically created two folders “Disc1” and “Disc1”. In each of these folders, the usual subfolders were created, Audio_TS and Video_TS.

My problem is when I then try to burn from the HDD to a DVD-R, I can’t select the “C:\DVD\Inconvenient Truth” folder because it says it does not contain any video files. I CAN select “C:\DVD\Inconvenient Truth\Disc1” and “C:\DVD\Inconvenient Truth\Disc2” separately, but I then find I have to burn each into 2 separate DVD-R’s!!!

How do I put it all onto ONE DVD-R?

The Wild
Can’t even read the DVD source with the DVD-9 error?!

I;m trying with both CloneDVD Vers. 2.85 and DVDFab Platinum Gold

Any advice would be very, very much appreciated!!!

Sorry if the query seems silly!! I’m new at this…!

It sounds like you were using Split mode when you wrote these files to the HDD. If you want to put them back together you will need to use DVDFab Platinum’s Merge Mode. The video files should be selected as sources and your burner as the target. This “movie” and the “Update” are long enough to put on different discs or burn to a DL as I think you intended to do. Sorry, I have no idea about the error or problem you are having with the other title, other than to wonder if the drive is having trouble reading it for some reason (dirt, scratches, drive has no DL support?).

Maybe Al Gore doesn’t want us to backup an "Inconvenient truth " as the process may effect our environment…LOL
try as signals suggested and check your common settings. Also try diff. rip programs just for the heck of it…
DVDFab (free one), R4me, DVDD…

You could try to rerip the first movie in the main movie mode and it should put it in all one folder I would think instead of two. Also, signals probably has it right with a dirty disk. ~ Mike

And, Al Gore should worry about his own problems First, LOL.