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hey guys,

well, i killed my liteon today (Hoooraaay) so i went out and purchased a OEM pioneer drive (Piodata DVR 108DX) and burnt my first 12x disc (MCC003), allthough the results were not the greatest, it was the first burn, so i gave it some leeway. However what i want to know if it is worth upgrading to >nil pioneer 1.14a firmware, and if it is, how do i do it?


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I ve written this to similar question:

You need to use the latest version DVRflash 2. Create a folder (lets name it “firmware”) and extract the DVRflash 2 there. Then extract the Nil’s patched 1.14 there (from Then get into the Win32 folder (of the DVRFlash 2 extracted files) and copy the contents back to the main folder where you extracted everything(the “firmware” folder).

Next run the dos command (run>cmd), and you should get to the directory you extracetd everything (e.g. if you created the “firmware” folder in the C:, you should type in the dos command CD C:\firmware to get there. Then type DVRFlash -v I: R8100108.114 (where I is your Pioneer drive letter), and enter…

Hope this helps you out

I forgot to tell you Nil’s firmware is a must!!! :cool:

Initially I was not thinking of putting a patched firmware, but as I was not able to overspeed much of discs (especially +R), I gave it a second thought and installed it.

The results are superb!!! You will be able to write 4X discs at 12X easily (high quality discs with no errors, and lower quality with a few but in an acceptable range)

thanks tatos

i read up how to do it last night, however i am going to wait until >nil releases the firmware with auto bitsetting (Piodata fw 1.14 has it now). BTW i am getting awsome results with this 1.14 fw. (got myfirst <1 PI burn on some scum MBI media). best thing i did was get a pioneer OEM.


ps - does anyone have trouble with using cdspeed v3, mine allways locks up the computer?

Unless he’s changed his mind in the past couple days I don’t believe he is going to support bitsetting. He is dead set against supporting the + format. Check the Pioneer thread at

yeah the more i think about it, the more i am thinking i dont need bitsetting. I only brought +R media because i used to own a Liteon, because they burn +R better. BUT now i own a kick-ass drive, i think i can now get dvd-r. I think i should switch to >NIL firmware once i chew through my 50 +R’s


just use dvd-r media and you don`t need bitsetting dvd-r disks work better in xbox ps2 and standalone dvd players the price of both formats is much the same anyway also use ritek g05 disks as they work the best for me

cheers  bighun1952  :)  :)  :)