Newbie to DVD's - got quesitons

Well first i am not newbie on pc’s just never have dvd-rom yet.
My quesitons:

  1. Is there any decent DVD recording/copying FAQ for noob’s?
    (I know i could search it, but i dont know whats wring with me last time, i feel like noob and act like one. Maybe because i making a lot of reads to learn which hardware to buy for my pc, because its upgrade month for me now or like 2 month already.)
  2. Is it possible to make 1:1 copy of DVD movie/game?
  3. On what speed can non DL capable DVD rw/rom, read DL DVD’s?
  4. Well i heard about all this regions is latest 16X DVD-RW’s (Nec ND-3500) support them all?
  5. Well is there way to copy movie from dvd to dvd (if same size) without decripting on disk or something?

Btw can you listen to DVD-Audio in DVD-RW…

[ol][li]There are some guides in this forum. Perhaps not the best place to start if you’re a real newbie but they’re a good read.
[/li][li]Yes it’s possible but if you want to make a 1:1 copy of a DVD that’s bigger than 4.4GB then you need to a double layer (DL) capable drive. When you copy a movie most software will remove any region locks and such so it’s not a perfect 1:1 copy but even better than the original.
[/li][li]No speed. If a drive cannot read DL media, you can’t make it read the discs at any speed.
[/li][li]Region locks are put on pressed DVD-Video discs so that they cannot be played in other regions. This was done by the movie industry to prevent people from e.g. Europe buying DVD’s in America before the movie is released into the theatres in Europe. Anyway, when you decrypt a movie the regions are removed so you get a region free copy, this has nothing to do with your DVD recorder as it’s the ripping/decrypting software that removes the lock, not the drive.
[/li][*]Yes you can do this with software like AnyDVD ( When this tool is installed it will make protected DVD’s appear as non encrypted to your system and it will automatically remove region locks and the encryption. Now, you can copy directly from one drive to another although you have to keep in mind that DVD transfer rates are very high and it’s likely that your reader cannot keep up with your writer, causing slow burn times. It’s often better to just decrypt the DVD first and then write these files.[/ol]

2.1 I heard that to make 1:1 CD copy with latest SafeDisk v3.x protection, drive with EFM encryption is required, is there same thing for DVD drives?
Does game DVD’s protected with SafeDisc to? So i need drive that supports EFM enryption to make 1:1 copy of game DVD?

Many dvd’s are selling with movies larger than 4.5 GB, what media they use then, if not dual layer?
Then DVD’s larger than 4.5 GB read only on speed of 4X (dual layer)?
Edit: Found that they doing them dual side instead of dual lier so drives not supporting dual layer disks can read them, probably on speed same as 4.5GB disks. Is this correct?

  1. Can i read/write DVD-Audio with normal DVD-Burner?
  2. Can 17 GB DVD’s be burned with normal DVD-RW like NEC ND-3500.

[ol][li]SafeDisc is tricky, I don’t know of any games that use this protection on their DVD releases so I cannot comment on that.
[/li][li]Sorry I thought you were talking about reading double layer RECORDABLE media. Almost every drive can read pressed dual layer media! Dual sided media is of course also no problem as it just means that you can turn the disc over and read the other side, this is independant of the hardware.
[/li][li]Sorry, know nothing about DVD-Audio…
[/li][*]17GB discs cannot be burned, simply because 17GB recordable discs do not exist yet. The maximum size you can get a double layer DVDR discs and they have 8.5GB of storage.[/ol]

I am going to buy NEC ND-3500 (black) tomorrow.
Got also coupe of questions:
If some drive cant read dual layer recordable disk and you make booktype correction with nec bitsetting, to DVD-ROM. How can disk become readable? Dont it like this drive will think its compressed dual layer disk, but its not and it will start reading it wrong.
Also does booktype correction works for already recorded DVD-R’s or it creates new dvd with selected setting?