Newbie to DVD Ripping asks program preferences

That’s me. I got my first DVD drive a couple weeks ago. I want to rip movies into ~700mb Divx mpeg4 files. On all the guides I’ve seen, the first step seems to unanimously be Smartripper. But then what? What programs and in what order. FYI after smartripper I tried flaskmpeg with the divx 5.02 and radium mp3 codec but it doesn’t work. Gives me errors about log file and something else so it never starts. Help me! I don’t want VCD or SVCD so please no posts about those programs.

And I want reccomendations for all programs needed to make a working divx file, from start to finish and any extras I should be using.

I use the same thing that you just mentioned at it works great.

I use smartripper, divx5.02, radium mpeg layer 3 codec, flaskMpeg 0.6 with the 1.1 update

in FlaskMpeg make sure you select openDML avi not just a straight avi setting.

also you must goto device manager in windows then goto the sound tab, then goto your audio codecs tab and you must disable every audio codec except fraunhofer layer 3 audio codec.

do this first before you start flaskMpeg.

I use Gordian Knot and DivX 5.01. A really comprehensive site - and this is where you can get the programs too. The guides there will literally walk you through the whole process.

Enjoy ripping and encoding!

hey man, or gal. ok smartripper is needed to rip the dvd into these files called *.vob’s. from there use a program called Flask or Xmpeg. i never could get flask to work for me but cmepg has given me no problems and it works great. xmpeg takes the vob files and using the compression you choose (in your case divx), it creates the vob files into avi/divx files. from there you need to put the several avi files into one big movie/file (in flask 0.5xxx you can encode all the vob files at one time. very convenient). a whole movie takes 10 to 15 hours to encode. if you need to append (put together) several avi files use the program virtualdub. this is a sweet peice of free software (as are the other programs). heres a great tutorial for encoding using these programs:
setting up xmpeg -
full (and awesome) tutorial -
i hope this helps

you can download all the programs here:

individual links:
DivX codec =
flask =
xmpeg =
virtualdub =
smartripper =
for an mp3 codec you’ll have to search on kazaa or morpheus. or if youre feeling lucky run a search for “mp3 + download” or “radium + download” on google
have fun